My last post was a bit negative about the world so… here’s how I think things should work.

The EPL has a thing called Over the Rainbow Storytime and decided to celebrate a bit of diversity by invite a drag queen to read to the kids. The “stick in the muds” decided to protest. The lgbtq camp decided to counter-protest. And a passerby with his family decided to to investigate the kafuffle.


Protests form outside Edmonton library over drag queen reading to children

…Justin Duval was walking nearby with his wife and two daughters, Anna and Evelin. They saw the crowd and eventually learned what people were doing on the corner, so they went inside for storytime, Duval said.

Anna and Evelin [the kids] told CBC News it was their first time attending an Over the Rainbow Storytime event, and they really enjoyed it.

So good on ya Justin. This is why a protest of any sort can be a good thing as long as everyone can refrain from being a dick about it… Educate yourselves people…