It occurs to me if I am to try and boost my blog readership then my blog needs an About page. So…

Why is it so ugly?: It’s ok I don’t take offence. By modern standards it is ugly. But then I coded the theme from scratch a bunch of years ago now, and it seems that modern WordPress themes have far exceeded my ability to write code. Good on them, but I am sticking with handmade. (Note: as of the last revision, it’s not so ugly. really, it’s not.)

What’s the blog for?: I wrote about it once here. It’s in there somewhere.

What I’ve done for a living: mostly books, some magazines, communications & design for the last 20 some odd years. Currently I am freelancing at just about anything in the communications field people will pay (and in some cases not pay) me to do.

Places I’ve Been: Alberta (north to south, east to west), Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Yellowknife, Lac La Ronge, Vancouver, Victoria, Tofino, Port Hardy, Haida G’waii (the Queen Charlottes), the Broughton Archipelago, Prince Rupert, Ottawa, all of Canada on the Number 1 Highway west of Montreal, Newfoundland, St. Pierre/Miquelon, NYC, Upper New York State, Boston, Vermont, Michigan, San Francisco, Montana, Puerto Vallarta, Reykjavik, London, Edinburgh, Barcelona, Figueres, Paris, Burgundy, Bordeaux, the Alsace Lorraine, Luxembourg, the Mosel Valley and Altona, Manitoba. Most recently I sailed from Vancouver to LA.

Things I like to do: sail, climb rocks, play Civ, read bad sci-fi, screw around with computers and pontificate (some call it arguing but I like to think it’s more sophisticated than that). Artistically speaking I draw (badly), screen print (on an amateur level), do stained glass (not yet salable) and write (no comment).

My 4-legged companions: Cats. I am definitely a cat person. There has have been Artemis, a floppy, long-haired tabby who wishes she had an attitude and who is at least half Norwegian Forest Cat and Miss Samantha The Cat, a 16-year-old tabby short-hair with an attitude.  Both have left a hole in our lives significantly larger than the size of your average housecat. Most recently we invited Emily the Dickens into our household. She likes to bite.

My OS: I started with an Apple IIc and ProDOS, moved to Windows 3.1 then back to a Mac, Systems 6 through 7, Windows XP and now run OS X 10.8 10.11 and Windows 8 Windows 10 on my desk—I am just starting to dabble in Linux Mint in a virtual box. iOS is my mobile platform of choice, but I have an Nexus 7 kicking around for the occasion Android fix.