Ah, my head. I must see about stocking another brandy. This one seems so… coarse. Perhaps some biscuits or another glass. But of the good stuff, yes another glass and we shall check the post.

Breakfast. Then we pack up and drop off our bags. We have until 2:45 to amuse ourselves and then it’s home-home time. We wander out, into the rain, and immediately write off the Empire State Building. The Brooklyn Bridge and Battery Park also get tossed; thank goodness, we wouldn’t want to actually see a sight, would we.

So we hop an uptown train and get off on 5th Avenue and wander into my MoMA… I mean the MoMA. The line up is huge and we waffle a bit; but this is New York: they know how to move people.

I said hello to some old friends and met some new ones. I do like the MoMA. Munch’s The Scream was there on loan from a private collection and there were a few new pieces we hadn’t seen or that weren’t on display since our last visit.



On the 5th floor was a special exhibit, The Birth of Abstractionism, which started off with a blast of Kandinskys and moved on from there. Leslie was pleased with her three Georgia O’Keefes, but she’s got a dirty mind. Not as dirty as C’s but dirty nonetheless. On that note we discovered we can’t be breezy. Devil may care, footloose, even flexible, but without C breezy just ain’t in the cards.

We hit the later moderns in a whirlwind to try and keep the schedule but still took in a few fun objets d’art. But soon enough we had to run.


Homeward bound, we stopped for some street food. I had a couple of chicken kabobs and Leslie opted for Italian sausage. We headed for the subway and all the while Leslie was wrestling with the sausage.

There was a bit of a wait for the train but we made it back to Leo House for 2:39, 6 minutes to spare. Of course as we were walking in the door, everyone else it seems was running with luggage away from us down the street. A bit disconcerting. Turns out the early birds were catching the first van but we were safe for the next.


A quick wash of our hands and we grabbed our baggage and were out in the rain to find our van. Our driver was a bit slower, and it took forever to get off the island. We did, however, take the 59th Street bridge, so that was groovy.

One of the things we noticed on the long long drive is that many of the billboards were empty. One billboard even said “The Loss of This Billboard Costs Jobs and Tax Revenue.” There must be an issue?

We checked in a million hours early even so and cleared security pretty quick. Their X-ray machine was a lot like the full-body scanners, but I checked out the image and it was simply a 2D image that pinpointed areas the TSA guys should check. More efficient if a bit less comfortable for the passenger than the typical walk through x-ray.


And then we wait at Gate C34 until it’s time to board for Toronto. With no free wifi.

Landing in Toronto 10 minutes early we disembark and scoot to catch our connector. There was much to-ing and fro-ing as we cleared customs and security and boarded our Edmonton-bound plane and our adventure was essentially over.