That evening I opened up the first message tube:

The morning started, well, in the morning. Early in the morning. Last minute fussing and we headed out to the airport. 5 am is way too early for an airport. Security and then waiting for a plane; I was not awake.

Leslie and I are off to NewYork for a week. We are traveling with the MacEwan organized group and intend to knockoff the last of our wish list. Tonight we are off to Birdland to see Cyrille Aimee at 8:30 and we’ve got a show, an opera and another musical act booked with a couple of museums on the list and perhaps a walk through Central Park.

Right now we wait in Pearson for our connection and wonder why we are still awake. It’s either pretty foggy here or my brain is a tad fuzzy… or both.

I’ll be sending off these missives daily so all y’all can follow along.


If you’ve never seen New York (or any other massive city I imagine) from the air at night you are really missing something. But especially New York with its iconic buildings. We did a pass over Manhattan before landing at LaGuardia. We took off late because the plane was late getting into Toronto and the. A snow storm blew in so we had to queue up for de-icing and we were starting to worry a tad.

Then our luggage went to a different carousel,and our vans got lost and Allia all we were late getting to our hotel. No big deal but a bunch of us had tickets to Birdland Jazz Club to see Cyrille Aimee and the Guitar Heroes for 8:30.


We bribed our cabbie to hangout while we checked in and dropped out bags and ran. Cyrille is a French Gypsy jazz singer who has an awesome voice and her band of genuine guitar heroes blew us away. French scat… There is nothing quite like it. Dinner was great and afterwards we walked back 20 blocks to our ‘hotel’.

All in all a very long,but sweet day.

This was all there was on the square piece of paper and it was written I. Some sort of mechanically typeset hand. Most interestingly it offered the promise of more. We shall see…