Forwarded Foreword
The following is to be an unplanned narrative in 365 parts. At this point I have only one character in mind, the omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent Narrator, based on, as an apology to, and in recognition of the role of he who is named Earl has in this upcoming debacular train wreck of a plot. Earl, I am truly sorry about what is about to happen.

At least once a day I intend to set fingers to keys to try and extract some sort of forward momentitive plot-like sequence of verbiage and adjectivalness that will not only offend my editorial friends and companions but also leave everyone hanging in suspense as to what in God’s name I think I am going to do next.

I have not yet decided if I will permit writing ahead, although I acknowledge that I will, perhaps, be forced to post several ”episodes” (to use the psychiatric term) at once to compensate for the vagaries of Internet access. Pictures, unless hand drawn for this specific purpose, will not count. All entries are to be posted on my blog ( under the category “It’s Novel.” I will likely be posting a few other bits and pieces, so strict reverse order in the main stream of posts will likely be disrupted here and there. Use the category. Or not.

Comments will be met with derision and so are most welcome. Spelling, grammar and adherence to dictionary-quality vocabulary will be at my whim as suits a man who recognized that the value of the English language suffered a fatal blow the day he uttered those immortal words “English is a language in transition.” Proofreading and corrections will be done on a volunteer basis by anyone foolish enough to volunteer. Length will be variable and while I cherish linearity with the heart and soul of one who is one with lineariticity, I have every intention of betraying my beliefs for the sake of convenience and ass-saving.

All rules subject to change. Even this one.