Morning was slow because Carmen decided on another shower… did I mention we enjoyed the hot running water…? Eventually we were all up and running and Carmen toasted her tomato sandwich over the fire (which frankly was a pain in the ass to keep lit).

We eventually got packed up and checked out. we’d pretty much given up on the idea of running away to Grand Cache; we figured there were too many carnivores for competition and we’d eventually have to surface again…sigh. We cruised into town and gassed up; Carmen did her usual bang-up job of bug scrubbing and we were on the road again.

We figured a short hike around Maligne Canyon wouldn’t be too much of an imposition so we pulled in to the crowded parking lot. We took the high trail down and it was empty, but as soon as we started back up the main trail the tourists and their kids and dogs and pretty much everything else descended. I guess we’d been too many days away from the touristas cause they sure as hell were irritating. I guess the three of us really are misanthropes, although Leslie’s biggest beef was with the 25 or so dogs we encountered on the trail.

Fighting through the hordes for a bathroom break gave us a final bitter (sweet) taste of Jasper and we hit the road. Leslie finished off her abominable book for us and we groaned through the last chapter as we got a lurid description of Nell not getting any and no real resolution to the mystery except to blame it all on Rasputin. Jeez.

Leslie drove the last bit home and we unpacked around 5. We bid Carmen adieu and showered, sorted the mail and had a quick run through on the pictures. We have two more days before life starts again so hopefully we stay calm cool and relaxed. Carmen will be off to find her lion soon and our cats are busily ignoring us and then checking every 2 seconds to see if we are still there.

C’est tout…