As I haven’t been posting a lot of interesting content over the last few years and since I have been automatically  uploading my tweets on a weekly basis, it has kind of made the blog look kinda unappealing. So I decided to block all the Tweeting reposts from the main feed. You can still find them all here:  or in the menu under Categories and they will continue to accumulate in the background.

Hopefully the blog will now look a little bit more like a blog.

Here’s a cat pic to seal the deal.


Mostly because I don’t like other entities controlling my content. So I repost all my twitter and instagram posts on my own server. At some point I intend to do the same thing for Facebook but it isn’t as easy do to their security etc. I do however download all my content from Facebook and store a copy in my own archives. Paranoid? No, but I do like to be in control 🙂