Because I keep forgetting the specs of the various machines kicking around the house whilst shopping for new toys.

Surprisingly my old Linux box isn’t as under powered as I thought. It just needs some RAM 🙂 But then again the 2020 looks on paper to be the weakest link of the bunch so I guess the old way of counting such things is a bit passé.

chip cores speed ram cache Geekbench Single Geekbench Multi Geekbench GPU
i5 5287U (2015) 2 2.9GHz 8GB L3 3MB 795 1463 3035
i7 2620M (2011) 2 2.7GHz 8GB L3 4MB 672 1455 ?
AMD Athlon X2 7850 (2010) 2 2.8Ghz 4GB L2 512k 375 724 ?
i5 4260U (2014) 2 1.4GHz 4GB L3 3MB
i5 5350U (2017) 2 1.8GHz 8GB L3 3MB
chip cores speed ram cache
i3 1000NG4 (2020) 2 1.1GHz 8GB L3 4MB

EDIT: I added the Geekbench scores ad the real story emerges about my tired old PC. Current fast chips are scoring 1400+ (1600 for the ultra high-end ones) and the best Macs are coming in around 1200 (pre-M1).