I’m filing this under Stupid Human Tricks but it’s not exactly stupid. I  am on the fence about gun control (although I agree that some guns really have no place in the marketplace). But this exchange from CBC.ca’s comments really exemplifies one of the core issues. It’s not about the gun, it’s about the social philosophy that states we should all have what we “want” if we manage to work hard enough or have enough money/privilege/connections. Spoiler alert: No, no we can’t always get what we want.

XXXXXX posted 18 minutes ago
Yeah, ’cause I need an assault rifle to wipe out gophers and covid on my property.

Reply to @XXXXXX: Do you “need” a 10k Rolex? Or a car that does double the speed limit? This isn’t about need, it’s about want, and how every law abiding taxpaying citizen is entitled to want and subsequently own whatever property they desire.