It’s been a while since I posted one of these.

An article on the CBC about an 18-year old kid caught doing 308 km/hr in a 100 zone.

This was one of the comments. I can’t even…

Reuben Danko 8 minutes ago
Nothing wrong with speeding as long as one know how to handle a vehicle at that speed , what is dangerous is those who can not handle a vehicle within or below the ridicule speed limits. It is quite feasible to drive on a 3 lane hiwghay at 140 Km/H to 16 Km/h, the Europeans do, with narrower lanes, and have less accidents than drivers in the US and CAN, because they know how to drive,m most drive 5 speeds, not that girl sort of nonsense of automatic (works to sell cars and place more inept behind the wheel, mostly women and mentally slow men). Driving needs to be reserved for those who can handle a foot cluctch, 5-6 sped manual on a rear wheel traction, try texting, put on make up (CAN and US women are known to do dirty things to) eat (that is something utterly abhorrent eat in a car). In life there are drivers and there are commuters, most CAN and US are commuters, and they proved it, more safety toolls in cars today than ever and the number of accidents and dead has not dropped significantly.

It was deleted about 30 minutes later (thank god). The number of people defending the kid blew me away (200 km/hr OVER people!) but this guy doubled down big time.