I realize my poor site has been neglected as of late. I’m not sure if anyone ever comes here anymore. Most of my writing time has been over at neverforever.ca but even there it’s been pretty sparse. On this, my home site, it’s been a couple of years since I posted regularly, instead just letting my Twitter and Instagram aggregators fill the pages. And the look was pretty sad as well. I realize I was trying to keep it hand-coded, but really…there are limits.

I’ve been working on ebook production lately (more about that later) and it has necessitated me refamiliarizing myself with css. So it occurred to me I really ought to do something with the site.


I started with a a starter theme called underscores and started modifying. I wanted something clean and simple and found a few examples online to  base it on. Then it was just a matter of digging in and starting to code. most of the work was done in the header.php file and the style.css. I’ve got a lot more I want to do but there’s the start.

I got rid of the sidebar and had to redo the menu as a result. I also wanted to add in some customization for the social-media icons. I based my code off of Patrick Garmen’s post on using Customizer with underscores. This meant I had to do some hit and miss php programming as well. Most of the code is available on the link but what Patrick failed to post was the code for inserting the links into the header. So here it is:

$test1 = get_theme_mod('youtube');
if ($test1<>'')
echo '<a href="'.$test1.'"><i class="fab fa-youtube-square fa-lg"></i></a>';

You repeat this for each social media option you added in the Customizer.

Fonts & Icons

The icons come from Font Awesome and they have a great system for adding icons etc. to your page.  I also grabbed two fonts from Google Fonts: Open Sans Condensed and Quicksand. I might go back and rethink that later, but for now they work pretty good.

To Do

  • I want to revisit the code for posting the Instagram updates. It’s still pretty ugly and I think I can do better.
  • I am not sure about the background colour yet. Too blue?
  • I want to continue to work on the header to make it work better on smaller screens.
  • Go through page by page and fix the tiny issues.
  • And probably delete some of the pages that are out of date.

It also occurs to me I haven’t upgraded to WordPress 5 (Gutenberg) here on my main site. That might also throw some wrenches in the works…maybe even monkeys…

This is a screen shot for posterity. I am sure it will change pretty quickly.

The old look!