I’ve cleaned up the blog entries a bit, fixed the sort order and uploaded the kml files so the track now show. On the ferry ride back to Vancouver we finally saw some orcas, so I guess Tim is off the hook. And the piéce de resistance was a lanky lone wolf crossing the highway right in front of us as we were exiting Jasper. We slowed down and he looked right at us before dismissing us and ducking down into the bushes along the road. So cool!

The numbers

  • About 741 nm (1372 km)
  • 16 days aboard
  • 6 crew
  • 2 night dockings
  • 5 iphones, 2 ipads, 1 imac and a lone android
  • a bazillion bald eagles
  • hundreds of sea lions
  • dozens of sea otters
  • 3 Orca
  • 2 Grey whales
  • 1 wolf