Crossposting and Crontab

About 15 minutes after I wrote the below post my dissatisfaction with that plugin and Jetpack’s Publicize (which posts to social media like Facebook and Twitter) sent me looking for an all-in-one solution. The most popular plugin seemed to be SNAP (Social Networks Auto Poster), so I gave it a try. It does require you to create an app in both Facebook’s and Twitter’s developer pages but the step-by-step instructions were detailed and flawless.

As a result I now am using the plugin on and it auto-posts all new content to all three (and more if I want) sites.


I have been neglecting this blog after a great start to the year… sigh. It was mostly a conflation of an issue of the magazine, buying a boat and then setting up another blog for the boat. I have read a lot of boat blogs leading up to our decision and thought I would document our ‘journey’ for the edification of others.

Anyway one of the things I wanted to set up to help alleviate the problem was a way to post to both blogs at once. When we get going it is unlikely I will have the time or bandwidth to maintain both blogs. My initial attempt is using a plugin called feedwordpress. What it does is allow this blog ( to monitor the RSS feed from and then, when a new post appears, syndicate (repost) it here.

It’s not the simplest interface I have come across and so far the bells and whistles don’t seem to functioning as advertised but the basic premise is ok. The big issue was I couldn’t get it to do it automatically without digging through the wiki. It seems I needed to set up a cronjob on my web server. Now I am pretty lucky and my server has a great interface. I just went to the crontab button and added the command:

 */10 * * * * /usr/bin/curl --silent

And then I added a test post and voila! What this does is tells the server to go to the url “” every 10 minutes. By doing that the plugin does an update on the RSS feed and then posts anything new.


The issues comes with the options to control the post categories and post authors. To date I haven’t been able to make those options work. But I’ll keep trying. And I will have to remember to remove the cron job if I dump this particular plugin.