Following up on my Pre Boat Show Boat Thoughts I thought I would post some post Boat Show Boat thought so all y’all could see what I think I thought.

I think I lean away from the European aesthetic: I liked the Catalina’s and Hunters. Mostly this was internal—layouts and such— but I have to admit that some of the cockpits suited my sensibilities as well. I am still 50/50 on the B&R rig. Ease of sailing is good, losing a downwind race is not.

As for details, I think I still want a decent berth, and all the new boats have more than decent heads so that wasn’t something I could investigate. Talking with Margaret confirmed my views on galleys and counter space.

All in all I think the show didn’t change my feelings about much. Any boat I get is likely to be older and unlike any of the current crop we toured. Still it’s fun to dream!

Having said that, I’ve done some browsing online since the show and I have to admit, if I am open to larger boats, that the Bavaria Vision 42 and the Catalina 445 both catch my eye. Len from Yacht Sales West (where R Shack Island was purchased from) has a Vision 42 on order and a 445 for sale for $306,000 and $369,000 respectively. If one was to theorize purchasing one of them and putting it in charter, you just might make enough to cover the payments and most of the expenses. The theory then being that spending $5000–$10,000 a year in charter fees becomes the greater of the two costs. But we all know how theories about money and I get along…

The Vision 42
The Catalina 445

As I mentioned above, the Catalina’s North American sensibilities appeal to me more, but the Bavaria has a kickass layout, including an aft berth that converts from two singles to a large king; perfect for someone I know. Although I will admit the Catalina’s aft cabin is also pretty awesome (see below). And both boats feature a third “space” that could be fitted out as an office.

The great berth in the Vision: the center panel comes out to make two singles.
The Catalina’s “flex” cabin

As for my previous requirements, well these newer (and bigger) boats have it all.

Awesome v-berths on both boats.
And both have great heads. Although the Vision has an optional forward head…
And the 445 comes standard with two.
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Check out the aft stateroom!

In reality, a new boat is not really in the plan, but, as I said, a body can dream. So why not dream big?