France 2008 redux

It came to my attention when doing some research the other day, that I never blogged our first trip to France. Since one of the reasons I record the trips is so I can look them up at a later date, this is a bit of a problem — as I discovered when searching for the name of the wine cellars we toured in Burgundy.

So I am going to go back and recreate that first trip from memory and more than a bit of research and it will then be recorded for posterity. Thus the next dozen or so entries will be my faulty, memory-rebuilt version of Canal Boating in France 2008. Since it was the beginning of July, I will try and match up the current January-esque dates.


Just ready to go.

Waiting for the bus many hours later at Charles de Gaulle airport.

As a preview, here is my (really bad) video compilation of the trip: