Work, work work…

I have been cleaning up old drafts of posts that I apparently didn’t publish. Here is one dated September 15, 2012. I added some jobs based on my updated resume. At the bottom, I decided to add a few things from past careers (just in case I ever need to do that book jacket bio).

It occurs to me that I, like many others, have no idea what my job is (was). So I will attempt, here, to enumerate the many things that are, and have been, my work life at Hole’s for the past 15 (Ed. Note: now make that 16+ years in total) years or so.


Hole’s & the Enjoy Centre

Graphic Designer: logos, word marks, ads, signage, signage systems, product packaging, flyers, tv ads, video graphics

Writer, Editor
Photographer, Videographer
Video editor
Web designer
Production Manager

Artistic Director
Department Manager

Publisher, Book
Publisher, Magazine
Community Relations
Communications Consultant
Business Manager

Brand Manager

PR person
Social Media expert

Marketing Manager
Visual Presentation
Ad buyer

Delivery person

Events setup
Audio system designer
Audio Technician
AV technician
Speaker repairman

IT consultant
Technology purchaser
IT support
Database programmer
Web programmer

Forensic IT investigator

IP Telephony support

Help Desk
Data Entry

Customer service
Ecommerce manager
Interior designer

HR consultant


Note: I am generally limiting this to specific things people have paid/hired me for as a  job description unlike the above list which were all in the context of a single  job description. Jobs listed in roughly reverse chronological order.

Communications Consultant
Newspaper Typesetter
Freelance Graphic Designer
Illustrator (published!)
Book Designer
Book Production assistant
Production Manager
Freelance writer

Non Profit association board member

Night school teacher
College Instructor
Advertising salesman
Basement construction
Department store renovations (labourer)

Theatre electrician
Followspot operator
Lighting Designer
Theatre carpenter
Theatre Prop Master
Costume seamster
Stage Manager
Sound Board operator

Farm Hand
Wireline Hand (my short oilfield stint)
Straw bale truck loader (technically a swamper but a whole different skill set)
Cowpoke: chasing, branding, vaccinating and counting and counting and counting. (Also includes fence repair, bobcat driving, and truck driving.)

General Labourer in a feed mill
Fast food cook
Retail labourer
Vegetable Plant labourer

And of course, the obligatory babysitter.