I’m Yellow!

For fun, all you non-existant readers should try to Simpsonize yourselves!

(Anyone who hasn’t seen me lately won’t know that I’ve cut my hair, so it’s not a bad likeness…)


And on another note, the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time:

Makes me want to move to Australia…

Days 27, 28, 29 and 30

Day 27
Drive to Penticton

Orchards and fruit

Day 28

Drive to w of Craigellachie

Day 29

Takkakwa Falls

…and wolves

Drive to Calgary

Day 30 August 17

Drop Zak off at the Greyhound and home to Edmonton

Thus ends the grand trip of ’07. I enjoyed it so much I want to try again in ’08… any suggestions for new adventures?

Days 24, 25 and 26

See climbing log!

Day 24 August 13
Sugar Loaf
• a day spent trad climbing 5.4s and 5.5s



• and some bouldering at Shannon falls

• finished of with sushi!

Day 25
• Leslie chillaxes and Zak and I take on some sport multipitches


Day 26
Jetskiing and Smoke Bluffs
• We redo the Howe Sound Adventure with Leslie and she learns that wild is good!

(More Pics Here!)

We finish the day on the Smoke Bluffs climbing trad on a Squamish classic: Burgers and Fries, where Zak and I get our first 5.7 under our belts


Days 22 and 23

Day 23
0845 up anchor
Cell call re: grounding from John and Michael so we decide to head back to Vancouver
1030 Porlier Pass
1100 Under Sail across Georgia Strait
1320 Drop sails off of Point Grey
1530 Granville Island

Day 24
We wait for the diver’s ok
1210 undock Granville
Burrard Inlet

Gas Dock
Granville Island and last goodbye

Drive to Squamish
Traffic Jam

Days 21 and 22

Day 21
0915 Left Ganges motoring
1015 Active Pass; Miner’s Bay: Queen of Vancouver (to Vic.); Queen of Saanich (to Van.)
Winds SE 1-2 kts
1300 Tumbo Island: mooring bouy

Quick shore trip

Day 22
Tumbo Island
1045 off bouy
1145 dolphins in Haro Strait
1615 Montague Bay; accidentally grounded (Z); anchor for the night

Days 18, 19 and 20

Day 18
Mooring bouy practice
Illegal fishing & fisheries officers
Tacking against wind

1800 Ganges Harbour
Crab trap down
Moor at the marina
Supper at Oyster Cove

Day 19
Docking practice, search for crab trap
Docking practice, search for crab trap (find it at dock)
An American boat hit it and the trap wrapped around its shaft
Steak on bbq

Day 20
Docking practice/anchoring practice
Les’ thumb gets accidentally caught in the windlass: a quick trip to the hospital
Anchoring practice/docking practice
Charts with John; beer and we wave goodbye to John as he takes off in a seaplane;
There is a fire on 32′ Bayliner and it burns to the waterline

Day 16 & 17

Well it’s March now and the next climbing season is approaching. I’m also thinking about this year’s trip already so I think I am going to scoot through the remaining bits of the trip just to get it done. Next year it will really have to be more of an ongoing effort.

Day 16
Vancouver, Leslie; The aquarium; Comfort Inn
Saturday found Zak and I awaiting Leslie on Granville Island, Vancouver
[Image lost in the big crash :-(]

After a quick visit we decided on Lunch at Feenies (Chef Rob Feenie’s lunch spot beside Luminiare) and then headed to the Aquarium as we always do.


After a great afternoon we headed off to find a place to stay for the night. Unfortunately this took us all the way out to the airport to the Comfort Inn (and it tweren’t too comfie…).


Day 17, Sunday August 5
The Naughty Doc, a Beneteau 393 chartered from Blue Pacific Yacht Charters

0900 Blue Pacific

1200 Fuel Dock: a few quick basics with Captain John Fairweather, our instructor, and we are off (as a omen we we lucky enough to see a Kingfisher alight momentarily on our boat before we left the bay)



The Passage:sailing @ 10.9 knots

1600 Poirler Pass and seals

1700 Fishing for rock cod and ling cod and we passed baby seal waiting patiently for mom on a log.

2000 anchor outside Montague Bay. We dropped our crab trap, got a quick lesson in anchoring and called it a night.

Day 15

Day 15

(adapted from Climbing log)
We’ve booked time with Squamish Rock Guides for the a.m. and meet Colin Moorhead at 0800 at the Starbucks. Colin was the guide that Tom recommended as a friend and mentor so we lucked out. I got lost trying to find the Starbucks because there were two and I hadn’t noticed the one right across the street from the hostel. Found it eventually…

After a short drive to Murin Park we walked a short approach to the Sugar Loaf. Colin set up a rope so he could jumar along side while Zak and I simulated a multipitch trad climb. We set up at the base of Magnet, a 5.4 trad and Zak belayed me to the 1/2 way point. I built a trad anchor and then belayed Zak up using an atc guide.

Then Zak lead the 2nd half and built his anchor at the top. He belayed me up and I cleaned and then we rapped down–successfully completing our first ever trad climb–and a multipitch at that!

We called it a day and headed to Shannon Falls for a bit and then ran into Colin again at the gear shop where I picked up a few cams, runners and biners.

Hanging and hiking at Shannon falls

After that we headed out to explore some more and eventually found the spit that all the kiteboarders worked off of. It’s a pretty cool place and Squamish is supposed to have some of the best windsurfing adn kiteboarding in the world.

That night Zak and I opted for some more male bonding and watched the 40 year old Virgin. Funny, often inappropriate, but funny…

Day 13 and 14

Day 13
Day 13 started with a nice breakfast. I can’t really express how nice this place is; high speed internet for cheap, a movie room with free rentals, laundry and more.

Soon we were ready for adventure and a drive around town. We found the SeaDoo place and decided to stop in and see what the deal was. Turns out we could take a tour of Howe Sound for the low low price of around $225. The Grand Howe Sound Adventure was on!

We cruised by the gear shop and the fellow their sold us a copy of Squamish Select, which had most of the local sport climbing in it… unlike the bigger book (The Climber’s Guide to Squamish) I had picked up earlier at the info centre

We returned to the hostel to change and then met back at the dock. Mike, the owner, outfitted us in wetsuits and pfd and led us down to the water. After a short “no throttle” trip down the mouth of the river we opened up to the sound and learned to SeaDoo!
The farmer’s tans were especially attractive!

Mike’s spiel is great and he takes you back and forth across the sound pointing out interesting bits. Along the way you get to play and it is a real hoot. Zak was disappointed as he was a few weeks shy of his 16 birthday which meant he was relegated to passenger only status. At one point we took a dip in the sound…cold but not overly so. By some weird quirk of fate I was the first one to fall off. Zak managed to hang on while I tossed into the water after burying the nose into a wake. Eventually, however, I managed to dump him in.

As we came around one of the islnds we came upon a rocky island filled with sea birds and seals… awesome.

On the way back the water got quite choppy near the mouth of the river and I had to push the limits. Unfortunately Zak’s hands were cold and tired and I dumped him a few too many times. On the last fall he hit the water funny and hurt his ankle. This was a bad end to the trip but didn’t put too much of a damper on the overall excitement we felt.

We said our goodbyes to Mike and Amy and headed out. I decided to run up to Cheakamus Canyon to see where most of the sport climbing was. We drove down teh highway for about 30 minutes till we spootted the turn off and drove up a poor gravel road for another 5 minute. The road opened up to a parking lot and we had arrived.

(Excerpted from climbing log)
We hit Cheakamus Canyon late afternoon and are astonished at the signage, porta-potti and easy access. I bully Zak into setting up at Conroys Castle: Charlotte’s Web a two pitch 5.9 sport. Zak’s ankle is hurting so I lead. The crux beats me and I swing on the draw to make the move. Upon completion of the 1st pitch I rap down and we call it a day.

Later we headed back to the hostel to ice Zak’s ankle and relax for the evening.

Day 14
Well Day 14 stated with a sore Zak and a quick trip to the hospital. His ankle really hurt and I decided better safe than sorry. The hospital was small but nice and we got into the emergency with only a short wait. The Doc said he saw lots of us tourists coming in during our holidays, what with Squamish being a climbing/mountain biking/hiking center. Anyway, Zak’s ankle was pronounced mildly sprained: so that was that. The doctor recommended a brace so we could do some climbing later so we wandered down to the drug store and picked one up.

The rest of the day was basically reading and relaxing. Towards the evening Zak and I decided on a movies so we picked out Death Race 2000. David Carradine and Sly Stallone and their less-than-finest! A classic and it was fun to share it with Zak.
The only other thing of note was a hotly contested crib game in which I double skunked Zak…he never had a chance!