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There. After almost 2 years, a perfectly hand-sliced loaf of bread. I’ll probably never be able to do it again. Brought to you by “Even More COVID-driven Inane Content R Us.”#bakewithjack #crackedwheat #freshbread
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Walking in a winter wonder… what?!?
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A few weeks ago I almost killed my starter with neglect, which allowed some mold to set in. Best thing that could have happened because it forced me to give it some love. #sourdough #bakewithjack
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One more with glaze!
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No hot cross buns in the shelf? #bakewithjack to the rescue. But I just made a very poor supper decision ? #hotcrossbuns #breadforsupper #thatglazeisdelicious #yeg #baking

Tweet not…

As I haven’t been posting a lot of interesting content over the last few years and since I have been automatically  uploading my tweets on a weekly basis, it has kind of made the blog look kinda unappealing. So I decided to block all the Tweeting reposts from the main feed. You can still find them all here:  or in the menu under Categories and they will continue to accumulate in the background.

Hopefully the blog will now look a little bit more like a blog.

Here’s a cat pic to seal the deal.


Mostly because I don’t like other entities controlling my content. So I repost all my twitter and instagram posts on my own server. At some point I intend to do the same thing for Facebook but it isn’t as easy do to their security etc. I do however download all my content from Facebook and store a copy in my own archives. Paranoid? No, but I do like to be in control 🙂

Some great writing…not.

A “scientific” journal.

High Quality & Rigorous Review Process
The peer-review process of articles is never compromising and the quality is undoubtedly of high standards. The journal imbibes a thorough, neat and clean peer review process by very eminent and world’s leading scientific experts, thereby flushing out the cognizance paucity and empowering access to relevant information timely, about the upcoming and ever-changing developmental process. The journal is primarily based on values centered on loyalty, commitment, scientific accuracy, and ethics. Our rigorous review process accomplishes our core aspiration to give just right and accurate information to the global citizens.



Instagram Since Last Time

Instagram Since Last Time
Signs of spring!
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I haven’t been able to decide whether to move the glass studio to the basement. As a result it’s become a ‘pile’ rather than a workbench. And of course no glass is getting produced. But it’s warming up and I could move back to the garage in a few months. Decisions-decisions!
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Homemade chicken soup stock and fresh buns. My 20-year-old self is wonder who the hell I’ve turned into!?
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Proofreading is “easier” with a little help…
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The hardest part of making a no knead loaf is deciding what to eat with it. #nokneadbread

Gmail and Filters

Further to my previous post about Apple Mail Issue I have been having issues on my new mac with threading conversations. Normally this isn’t much of an issue but I subscribe to the Standard Ebooks Google Group because that is what they use to track projects and keeping the various projects grouped together is pretty important.

Normally what one does is create a rule on the server (iCloud, your webmail etc.) and the  server will automatically sort the mail before it gets to your desktop or phone. For example I have all mu linked in emails go straight into a LinkedIn folder or anything related to ebooks purchased routed to an Ebook folder. This means they don’t bing my phone and aren’t sitting in my inbox and I can check them later at my leisure. But for some reason Google had to be different. For the longest time I had the rule on my laptop which was always on and it would sort the gmail emails and then synch that back up to the cloud—a bit of a hack but I couldn’t be bother to try and figure out what Gmail was doing. But the new mini  goes into a deeper sleep and doesn’t sort—so I decided to figure out the actual correct solution.

I will save all my the swearing at Google. Suffice it to say that against all conventions, Gmail does not use simple folders but has this weird-assed system of labels and a given email can exist in the inbox and in the label at the same time—which is exactly what I didn’t want.

To Fix it

Go to and sign in to you account

Go to  Settings (the gear in the upper left)

Click See all settings

Go to/Click Labels

Click Create new label
be sure (show in IMAP) is checked

Then go to Filters and blocked addresses

Click Create a new filter

Add your criteria. I wanted all emails from to move to a new folder so I selected From: and entered that address; but I could have selected Subject: etc. to filter by whatever made sense…

Click Create filter

Check Skip the Inbox (Archive it)
Check Apply the label: Whatever you chose in the step above

Then Click Create Filter

This will “archive the email — basically removing it from the inbox without marking it as read — and then label it with which ever “folder” you want it to appear in. Then by the time you desktop or phone synchs with the server the email will be moved and not appear in your inbox.

SOOO convoluted. As an aside I find most of what Google apps (gmail, sheets, etc.) do is to make a simple thing more complicated rather than a complicated thing more simple. But then again I prefer a computer does what I tell it to rather than what some anonymous programmer decides is simplest, so maybe it’s just me.

Update to Apple Mail Issue

In Apple Mail Issue I had talked about sorting conversations and threading correctly and frankly rebuilding the mailboxes only worked for a while. Now I have deleted the gmail account entirely and added it back as an IMAP account rather than using Apple & Google’s “secure method.” This entails changing the security setting to allow “less secure apps” and manually adding the IMAP account. So far so good, but we will have to wait and see if this works any better.

Apple Mail Issue

For future reference…

I was having an issue in which emails in a thread were not displaying the correct contents. This was happening primarily with my gmail IMAP account from the Standards Ebook mailing list which made it particularly frustrating.

I tried deleting and or rebuilding the mailboxes and even deleted the whole gmail mailbox (~/Library/Mail/v7/AFD4138D-113E-4798-BA9B-A928C0A9EC44/) all to no avail.

Finally I came across this Mail shows wrong message body (finding the right term to Google makes it so much easier…)

The Solution:

  • Quit mail.
  • Go to ~/Library/Mail/v7/MailData/
  • Delete
    Envelope Index
    and any variants
  • Restart Mail and let it rebuild (this will take some time).

So far this seems to be working…

Instagram Since Last Time

Instagram Since Last Time
It’s Virginia Woolf’s birthday so Leslie and I produced an ebook version of Mrs. Dalloway. Enjoy! #publicdomain #virginiawoolf
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Tried my hand at pan pizza. We always make them in the boat, but I thought I’d try a real recipe rather than winging it. Not quite perfect, but I figure I will have it nailed before cruising season (if there is one this year ??)
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After 3 days, 4 online chats, 2 phone calls and entirely dismembering my network to prove to Shaw it was their equipment, the nice technician brought a new modem and we were up and running again in 20 minutes. #customerservice #covidwithoutinternet #sometimesIdoknowbetter #ihatehelplines
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Just so I don’t leave ya hanging…#bread #baking #crackedwheat #bakewithjack #yeg
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Ready for first proof. Last two loaves of cracked wheat bread until I find a new source for cracked wheat in #yeg Anyone?#bakewithjack #breadmaking #bread #crackedwheat

Dinghy Blues

“Laughing Baby, she am no more…”

Not completely, but nevertheless it’s a sad day for us. The West Marine 310 RIB we lovingly called Laughing Baby has reached the end of her working life and it’s time to put her out to pasture. (What’s the marine equivalent of pasture…lagoon?) She still floats and as of today doesn’t leak at all. But the wood transom is starting to go and it makes us nervous to put the big 8hp on her these days and worse, the dinghy guys say the vinyl is nearing end-of-life. And since we charter her and the Never for Ever as a team… well she just isn’t up to snuff anymore.

We’ve been keeping an eye out for a good used RIB but haven’t seen anything come on the market that was suitable. Oddly enough there are lots of inflatable bottomed tenders, but the sharp rocks and oyster-filled shallows of the PNW make that just a bit contra-indicated.

A lucky find?

I was  checking out kijiji in BC the other day and came across a Highfield 290 UL for under $3000. That was way more than I had in the budget, but the more I looked at it the more intriguing it was. The UL stands for ultralight which means it had an aluminum bottom which was both tougher and lighter the fiberglass of the current boat. At 9’7″, the 290 is about 7 inches shorter that the current RIB and comes in at 86 lbs vs the  113 lbs. But it will still handle the 8HP and fit 4 people comfortably.

I figured if buying new might now be on the table, then I should do my due diligence and call around. At the time I assumed the 2021 Vancouver Boat Show was off (turns out it now is being held virtually in late February) so it thought waiting for a show deal was off the table. I checked out a bunch of dealers and talked to Nanaimo Chandlery — which is run by the same people as Nanaimo Yacht Charters — to see if they could get me a deal but it seemed this Highfield’s price was as good as it first appeared.

So I called SG Power in Victoria to get the scoop. Turns out it was a 2020 floor model and yes, it was still available. So I bought it.

A Small Problem

So now I had a problem. Actually a couple of them.  I was in Alberta, the marina was in Nanaimo and the new tender was in Victoria. And we weren’t going to be on the coast before May at the earliest — and even that was up-in-the-air with the Covid situation. The fellow at SG Power was, rightly so,  reluctant to commit it to commercial shipping as it was out of the box and it would be hard to ensure it made the trip intact. He did however volunteer to store it for me, even after I told him worst case was us not making it out until spring. Great service and a pleasure to deal with these guys.

The other problem was I really didn’t think Laughing Baby deserved to be unceremoniously discarded as she still had a lot of life left, albeit perhaps not zooming around at high speeds. So now we had two dinghies.

I talked to a few friends on the island but none of them had the facilities or vehicles to help with the problem and the people at NYCSS didn’t have any trips to Victoria planned—although they did generously offer us use of the truck when we finally made it out. So we had a fallback plan but I was hoping to get it dealt with earlier. Then I sent a note off to Matt from Gudgeon to see if he knew anyone. Matt is back in Victoria after he left his boat in Mexico Sadly she is now for sale). He said he would ask around and actually sounded semi-hopeful. I offered a trade of transportation in exchange for Laughing Baby just in case someone with a truck was looking for a cheap dinghy. Fingers crossed.

In the meantime I am talking to a few other contacts/friends and if I have to, I will pay for a rental truck—although that solution still leaves me trying to find a home for the old dinghy.

What’s in a Name

First world problems: another conundrum is what we name the new tender? The original was a compromise, because we thought Laughing Baby wouldn’t play as well on the VHF as Never for Ever, so the I suggested we assign that name to the tender. And that deal still stands. But do we keep the name as is? Add a “Two” or “II” to the end (or “Too” as some people go for.)

I guess we will wait and see—these boating rituals are sometimes a puzzle.

Happier Days

So that’s that. Hopefully we have some fun oaring ahead of us and maybe even a bit of zooming. Finally here are few final images of the adventures we’ve had with the original Laughing Baby over the years—and if you know anyone who will give her a good home, let me know.

—Bruce #Equipment

Standard ebooks, January 2021

It’s 2021 and that means books published in 1925 in the US are now in PD (public domain). Of course some of these are already in the public domain in Canada, but Standard Ebooks runs off American copyright laws. So I added a few new stories to my Ukridge Stories, the Jeeves Stories, and my Mack Reynolds Short Fiction and the updated versions can be download on the site.

I have also added a few new texts to the corpus.

Old Posts

Links to previous posts about the books I have worked on:

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