I  post a lot of right-wing idiocy in the Stupid Human Tricks category but that doesn’t mean that dumb-f*ckery is limited to that end of the political spectrum.

Travis Toews, centre, makes a comment as Leela Aheer, left, and Brian Jean listen during the UCP leadership candidates’ debate in July. All three have been targeted during the campaign. (Jeff McIntosh/The Canadian Press)

Two candidates running to lead Alberta’s United Conservative Party say they’ve received death threats over the course of the campaign.

Travis Toews, the former finance minister, and Brian Jean, the MLA for Fort McMurray-Lac La Biche, told CBC News they’ve each been the subject of at least one death threat.

Both have also received additional threats online and via social media.


This is the state of politics in our province and I imagine in our country as a whole. To those who feel free to threaten anyone, of any political stripe or social viewpoint I refer you to a previous post and say:

Just fuck off.

I’m done now. I’ll reserve any further political commentary to things that don’t involve the dregs of our society.

Addendum: Going back and reading the comments the assumption being made is that the death threats are coming from the extreme right. I want to believe this is so, at least for the actual death threat parts but I know in my heart that the online abuse and threatening behaviour is not limited to that extreme end of the right. I see it every day. Threats, abuse and just general intolerance are all unacceptable.