What am I doing with my Pi? Quite a few things actually. I installed the driver that lets it boot off an external USB drive and now it runs off the old 500gb drive from the old linux box—so there is plenty of room. Might as well use some of it.

Below is my current list (for posterity). One thing to note is it is all perfectly free and open-source—which I find beyond impressive.

Shairpoint-sync music server

This cool piece of software turns the Pi into an Airplay receiver. Since we run our household audio through Apple’s airplay system this means we can now also stream the household music to the Pi and have it output it.

L is 98% in charge of the daily music which means while she can listen to her tunes at her desk (with her desktop speakers) and through the house network (which currently has speakers in the kitchen, living room, tv room, upstairs bedroom and upstairs bathroom), I am usually listening to the audio from speakers located down the hall. By outputting the Pi’s audio into my desktop speakers I can now listen to the sound right here at my desk.

I had to write a small shell script to turn the audio off when I wanted to watch a youtube video or listen to my own music but so far its a pretty cool feature. Note: the Pi gets cranky with wanting to output the audio through its hdmi port and sometimes the solution is not seamless.


Nginx Proxy Manager

I have written about this and it is so cool to be able to route and reroute network traffic with a few clicks whenever I change something. So far it is forwarding 5 different domains to various computers and ports around the house.

Webhost Apache/php (2 sites)

The Pi currently runs 2 “test” websites that I use for development. This is what they currently look like but that changes whenever I have a new project.


A typical Apache/php install so nothing impressive but it gives me a lot of flexibility and is plenty fast enough for the minimum amount of user that will ever see it.

MySql server

This is really just an adjunct to the above install. Along with php, having a mysql database serve makes making dynamic websites easy. But I got into mysql because I could no longer run Filemaker on my computer  anymore so I tend to treat it as a separate entity when I want to build database.


This one is still in development and I am the only one using it. Essentially what it does is route all the web traffic to my computers through the Pi and blocks all the ads.. I was already doing this on my desktop using the Brave Browser  but now it should theoretically work on my phone, Apple TV, and all the rest of the computers while allowing people to use whatever browser they want.

It isn’t fully implemented yet mostly because I still restart the Pi a lot and it would take down the ability for people to use the internet whenever I did that. I can hear the screaming now!

Nextcloud server

I just posted about this.  Again I’m not likely to implement this other than in a small way but it has so far been interesting to use. It auto posts any new images I take with my phone so I no longer have to sync it up manually and gives me a place to stuff files I want to share. And with the big hard drive theoretically I could store a lot of stuff there although that might mean speeding up the network etc to make it  truly functional.

So we will see.

Samba File Server

The Pi is also set up as a file server using samba (which just means it’s compatible with apple, windows and linux). I have used it for temporarily moving files around but until I get some sort of RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) and backup set up I am not likely to use it to store anything  important.