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Imagining the 4th Dimensions

The third floor has a very large attic. Very large.

First and second floors have plumbing in. Looks good. Basement floor is poured and the rough in’s make more sense now.

We checked out the first units which have electrical and drywall. The space sure changes. Decks are bigger than we thought.

Afterwards we stopped at the pub for Leslie to show off her new Strongbow predeliction…

Hoof & Hooves, Roof & Rooves

Well the third floor is up where it belongs… where the eagles fly, like a mountain… oh yeah…

Anyway, we’ve not had a chance to explore but there is definite roofage.

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Lock and Load

So the lock sets are in and now we have to ask to be let in. Meanwhile the roof is in the back yard and plumbing supplies are showing up.

2nd floor: Lady’s Lingerie

Coming down from the 3rd floor

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After we visited the condo, Leslie insisted we go for a walk and wouldn’t tell me why. But I figured it out just in time.

And counting

Given that L and I have no real anniversary, we tend to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This year marks 20 years and so when we were visiting the condo, L decided to leave her mark…

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60 secs

60 seconds
Time is passing
Move along now
slipping past ya

Moving quickly
Way too fast
Sixty Seconds
Time won’t last

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The condo with a third floor and windows.

Condo Rescue

Today I looked out the window of the unfinished condo an a mini van was high-centred on the snow bank and two muslim (?) women were wandering around outside of it. They hadn’t been there a minute before. No noise, no nothing… Anyway the front wheels were spinning and they were not going anywhere. I imagine, even if there had of been enough of us pushing still wouldn’t have helped.

Anyway, I had a tow rope in the emergency kit that I had gotten for free and the van had a lovely little tow hook. 5 minutes later I had dragged them off the bank and other than the scare they gave me when I thought they would try and drive off without unattaching the rope all was good.

My karma investment for the day.


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