Teh is The Answer

For some reason Chrome has never wanted to suggest any other possible spellings for the word “teh.” I almost always misspell it when I am typing fast and it is pretty damn annoying since Chrome completely ignores OS X’s language preferences—so I  can’t turn on Substitutions—and screwing with the OS X dictionary was useless. So every time I go back through to proof a document (especially here in WordPress) and although Chrome will identify it as an error, I can’t just right-click and correct the offending teh like every other word I mistype:

I’ve spent hours  trying to figure it out and I finally managed it today. It seems I didn’t have a dictionary enabled. I’ve got English, US and English, UK selected in Chrome’s preferences but that never did any good. You need to go to Edit: Spelling and Grammar: Show Spelling and Grammar: and instead of Automatic by Language, change it to something else.

Turns out if I change that to Canadian English:

Then voila! Right-clicking now yields the proper suggested spellings.

Mystery solved. After too many years.



So here we are a week later and teh is no longer being suggested as a correction! WTF mate? So I went back and checked, and sure enough Chrome had moved the language back to Automatic by Language. A quick  selection of Canadian English and we are back in business. But why? Was it an update somewhere along the way? I will have to keep an eye on it…

Addendum to teh Addendum

June 7th and the bloody thing has forgotten its dictionary again. Another quick reset back to Canadian English and we are good to go. I guess now I have another problem to investigate.