Teh is The Answer

For some reason Chrome has never wanted to suggest any other possible spellings for the word “teh.” I almost always misspell it when I am typing fast and it is pretty damn annoying since Chrome completely ignores OS X’s language preferences—so I  can’t turn on Substitutions—and screwing with the OS X dictionary was useless. So every time I go back through to proof a document (especially here in WordPress) and although Chrome will identify it as an error, I can’t just right-click and correct the offending teh like every other word I mistype:

I’ve spent hours  trying to figure it out and I finally managed it today. It seems I didn’t have a dictionary enabled. I’ve got English, US and English, UK selected in Chrome’s preferences but that never did any good. You need to go to Edit: Spelling and Grammar: Show Spelling and Grammar: and instead of Automatic by Language, change it to something else.

Turns out if I change that to Canadian English:

Then voila! Right-clicking now yields the proper suggested spellings.

Mystery solved. After too many years.



So here we are a week later and teh is no longer being suggested as a correction! WTF mate? So I went back and checked, and sure enough Chrome had moved the language back to Automatic by Language. A quick  selection of Canadian English and we are back in business. But why? Was it an update somewhere along the way? I will have to keep an eye on it…