Movies & Collected Funnies 2

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I originally found a .wav file of this online and had it posted for my own enjoyment. After I got the iMac I thought I’d try some dvd ripping. Using Mac the Ripper I ripped the whole first epsiode of the Muppet Show and then loaded it into iMovie. I cropped out the scene I wanted and used iMovie to post it to my old .Mac site. Later I copied the code and .mov file to here and voila! (Converted to mp4 Jan 2014)

I love these guys…



If you enjoyed this there are more gorgeous, Christian-themed typography-based videos.


More 22 Minutes at its finest

A trailer for This Hour has 22 Minutes that came at the end of the Rick Mercer Report. I love this character (because she’s virtually indistinguishable from the real thing) and I love this sketch (cause I think it’s classic self mockery).


Cats vs Printers! LOL!

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