We’ve been replaced!

While we were away it seems we have been replaced.


The developers have been working hard all spring on our new lake and while it’s not ready for much use by people, the local waterfowl have declared it acceptable so we have some geese, ducks and a bunch of seagulls now as residents.

One day C saw a young teen walking a family of geese and goslings towards our newly filled lake. Apparently they had been born somewhere in the neighbourhood and this was the big trek to water. The teen (and her mother following in the van) were just helping out to ensure a safe arrival. C curiously headed down to the lake to check out the new family with some bread treats.

Well it seems upon her retelling of her visit to her parents she was lectured on how bad bread was for waterfowl and a involved in a discussion about if such a new lake would have enough food for the young ones. And then magically, a few days later, a 50lb sack of cracked corn appeared in her garage. Since she now had to get rid of the corn, a daily visit to the lake turned into a ritual. By the time we returned home, C’s new family would now come running (no wing feathers yet) at her call of “Babiesss…” to share in their daily meal. Eventually the other resident pairs of geese would also join in, only to be hissed away by Dad. So now she had to shlep even more corn to feed the neighbourhood.

We were gently introduced to the family and have tentatively been accepted as long as we are with Auntie C. We are pretty sure these are just an early batch and the two or three other pairs of Canada Geese that live at the lake are hiding their nests up in the old community garden plots. You never know, C may just need another 50lbs soon…