Day 7 and 8

Day 7
Walkin’ and riding…

Day 6 started with some friendly ground squirrels, coffee and a walk around town. I picked up a Guide book for Waterton and area The Rock Climbers Guide to Southern Alberta 3rd Edition by Chris Goble, a local. Afterwards, we split up and Doug spent the day by himself while Zak and I decided to walk a bit more and then take in a ride at the local stable.

We decided on a half day ride up to Lions Head peak. It meandered across the river, through some meadows and then steadily climbed up the ridge of Vimy Peak until we stashed the horses and hiked the rest of the way up to the view point.

Zak looking back at Waterton.

The ride was a berry-fest! Saskatoons galore until we hit the upper parts and then a total thimbleberry fest. We were snatching them off the bushes right from horseback. Of course Zak was mash’n em off the bush: ) so I had to share a few if he actually wanted a taste. Our guide was a young kid from nearby and we had the ride to ourselves. A totally enjoyabale experience.

Crossing the river on the way back

The view from the stables back at Lions Head ( the dark bump of rock just to the left of the sunlit bit in the middle)

That night we relaxed and tried to get a good nights sleep. An awesome Southern Alberta windstorm came up in the middle of the night. It actually bent the poles of Doug’s tent!

Day 8
On the road again…

July 27 found us heading out again with no real plan. This was the first tense bit of the break as we weren’t sure where we were going or where we were staying and really had not developed any mechanisms for deciding. It was also the the period where I stopped taking as many pictures because I wasn’t sure how long my mom’s camera’s batteries would last or when I would next see power to charge them up.

First stop Frank Slide. lots and lots and lots of rock. We toured the information centre and gazed out over the rocks and then moved on west.

Frank slide from the info centre

Down the road we stopped at Sparwood to make plans and visit the world’s largest truck. We decided to move on to Cranbrook to a camping site called Moyie Lake Provincial Park, Awesome. The sites were fairly spaced, there was a lovely clean lake for swimming and it had the world’s nicest outhouses. Seriously… the world’s nicest outhouses! And the young lady looking after the place was one of the nicer people we met.

I went down to the lake for a swim and we had a fire and a few beer and generally mellowed out. It was a very nice way to end the day and I’d go back there in a minute.