This is a short (15 minutes or so) video of one fellows logo design process. What I find interesting is his process which mirrors mine fairly closely — although I will admit to often skipping the sketching much to my detriment. In regards to process I am almost entirely self-taught. My career paralleled the development of the computers and software, often starting with version 1; such was the case with Pagemaker, CorelDraw, Aldus Freehand and InDesign. THe result was, other than the occasional magazine article or coffee discussion with co workers, we all made our own way when it came to deciding how best to use the tools that were being developed.

So, if you ever wonder how I go about doing logos or wordmarks, watch this video. I have tons of files with multiple copy and pasted versions sitting disjointedly on the desktop. I don’t keep a sketchbook though… I tend to just doodle on whatever is at hand; maybe I should get one…

Aaron Draplin Takes On a Logo Design Challenge from on Vimeo.