House of Books

I came across a link for a photographer’s website who has an ongoing project that involves shooting beautiful libraries: “Houses of Books” as he phrases it.

I’ve always had books and I’ve lugged them from home to home and whined when they have been packed away in boxes. Of course Leslie is even worse than I am — at both the collecting and the whining — so we’ve always shared that special feeling when gazing upon row upon row of loaded bookshelves. Even visiting the Rutherford at eh U of A was a great thrill. Now that I’ve been reading ebooks for the last few years, I’m not adding to my collection, but L has soldiered on. The dream of a library of our own is not yet realized (mostly because of me I admit) but someday the collection might hope to have a home as beautiful as these. Or at least a home. Be sure to visit the website for even more stunning images.

Bibliothèque Sainte Genevieve, Paris, France, 2012

Biblioteca Angelica, Roma, Italy, 2013

 I’ve not yet visited any of the great libraries of Europe but I’ve seen both the main branches of the New York Public Library and the Boston Public Library. We here in Canada really can’t grasp the enormous wealth and philanthropy of the early 20th century that resulted in these magnificent edifices until you stand there gazing in awe.

The Reading Room of the New York Public Library

Boston Public Library’s Reading Room