Day 15: Cinnamonny and Warm

I woke all excited to join C on an adventure to hunt down the World Famous Blackberry Cinnamon Buns!

But alas she had made it up and out before me and was just arriving back with 3 warm cinnamon buns. But the water wasn’t boiled so the morning wast quite perfect. Close though.

We devoured the buns in the cockpit and roused L so she could partake. And so she partook. After we’d finished licking our lips we went for a walk and visited the stores that weren’t open yet. Yes, we do have a poor sense of timing.

Eventually a wool sweater store opened up and we pawed through the $200 merchandise. It’s a beautiful little village with an emphasis on little. We stopped by the water taxi office to say good morning to the cat we’d met the day before. He ignored us like any proper cat would.

Back in board I rowed over to R Shack island to check their charts; I haven’t got one for Hornby Island. No big surprises. The wind is up tight now so we might get some sailing in on the crossing.

It was another warm bright morning and we watched the small fishing boats come and go and the big aluminum water taxis haul people, kayaks and even 3/4 ton trucks back and forth to Savary Island. Worth a visits next the I think.

All ready to go we cast off smoothly and headed out. As soon as we were clear of the breakwater we unfurled the genoa and tried a little motor sailing. R Shack Island followed us out and tried to hoist their main as well, but there wasn’t quite enough wind.

We motored past the shoal south of Savary and as we passed the buoy we rolled out our main and headed SW on a broad reach. R Shack once again proved faster and soon swept past our stern and passed us. I got a few nice pictures though.

The winds proved fickle again and our starting SOG of 5 knots faded to 4 then eventually 3. It was a nice crossing but when R Shack dropped their reacher it was time to give up. We’d managed to sail about a third of the way so it’s better than we’ve been doing this past week.

To use ourselves in the crossing I promoted puppets shows, a singalong, historical reenactments, mime shows and bikini sunbathing. My crew are definitely not the participating type. Still, I amused myself.

7h06m 35.5nm

Tribune Bay on Hornby Island is a huge bay with a broad sandy beach and tons of boats anchored. I maundered and waffled, wandered and whimpered and eventually picked a spot. Just before we dropped anchor I changed my mind and went to my second choice. Yup, I am decisive.

Then we let out too much rode and the rope started to run. We hauled it back in and got the chain back on the gypsy. A quick tug and the anchor was set.

We tidied up and cracked some brewskies. Long day. Only 35nm on the water, but a little over 7 hours dock to anchor. After about half of my ice cold Thirsty Beaver, Dave rowed over to offer us his dinghy. I turned him down but offered him a beer instead. Margaret’s too pooped to walk the shore tonight (and I can sympathize with that) so it looks like the beaches of Tribune Cove are a next time thing.

C started the pizza process and we fired up the stubborn BBQ. I’m on keep-it-lit duty so here’s hoping I don’t screw it up.

One minor mishap, but the pizza is cooking away: mmmmmm! Her homemade sauce is a spicy delight. I can hardly wait…

Pizza was great. There was a choice of BBQ and oven. Both were equally zingy! C and I polished off another bottle of red and we sat back sated and happy. Afterwards the ‘girls’ amused themselves with planning a fictional old-tyme dance party. At least I hope it’s fictional.

The sunset isn’t as nice as last night, but any sunset on the water will do; I’m not fussy. The wind is up. Might be a bouncy night at anchor, certainly more so than we’ve had on this trip. And maybe some sailing home tomorrow.

Tomorrow is 36 nm or so to Nanaimo. Then some boat cleaning, a last dinner with D & M and one last night aboard. Still no home plans. We really should have done something about that. Oh well, c’est la vie.

I will say I am ready for my own bed. Probably the only thing about sailboats that really wears is the uncomfortable cabins and berths. One supposes if one had their own boat you would have better foam and at least buy a boat with an appropriately sized berth. I don’t think I have been able to stretch out in bed once.

Regardless, life is fine and it’s soon time for bed.