Day 14: Lund Ho



Morning and a hot shower. Aaaaah.

Yesterday we got a tour of the Acania. The owner must be used to gawkers and is extremely generous in allowing people aboard. There must have been continuous tours while he and his guests–about 6 of them — were up having dinner.

There was original 1930s furniture, teak, brass and amazing features. There was even a prohibition bar that featured a drop-down wood panel that hid the bar from apparent sight.

Morning featured showers for C and I and watching the Acania cast off. Soon enough it was our turn and we sprung off the bow (successfully this time) and motored out into the harbour to wait for R Shack Island to catch up.

Outside of Gorge we raised the sails and tried to sail on a beam reach in light winds. After a couple of hours we gave up although R Shack seemed to be making way more way than us. Left us in the dust they did… We motored to Baker Passage and tried again and managed a pathetic 1.9 knots. Eventually we once again gave up and headed for Lund.

We spotted what we thought might be minkes but turned out to be extra-vigorous dolphins; weren’t disappointed, though. All too soon it was over and we headed for the Harbour. l radioed ahead and they gave us a space on the breakwater 🙁

R Shack Island followed us in and we started to tie up.

5h28m 18nm

As someone left the main docks I radioed the wharfinger to ask if we could have that space. He told us to hold, then offered me a short spot on the dock and said R Shack could raft up if they wanted. We moved over but Dave demurred.

We tied up, paid up and had a cold beer. Dave is going to change his fuel filters to try and deal with his stall and we are headed up to see what we can see.

We composed a poem in honour of C’s knots:

Knots by Carmen

It’s scorching hot and has been a muggy day so when we stepped in the air-conditioned store it was a wave of icy cold. Then when we stepped in the beer cooler it was positively Antarctic. We shopped around then headed to the pub at the Historic Lund Hotel for a cold beer and nachos.

Back to the store for more beer and nachos (for later) and retired to the boat to decompress, for me to have a quick cool shower and for Carmen to call her mom. Hi Grace!

A couple of hours later we gave up on the idea of a late supper. L had read/napped, C had communed with the wind and I had wandered the docks to see what could be seen. Watching the sun slowly set over the Georgia Strait, we were delightfully surprised to be serenaded by a lady and her bagpipes from up on the hill overlooking the harbour.

Dave and Margaret came by after their dinner at the hotel. Tomorrow looks to be another motoring day. We said goodnight and they rowed back to the Shack. L came up for air and we had some wine/hot chocolate and took a million pictures of the sunset.