Day 5: Bound for Grace

7:15 I awoke and emerged from the cabin

7:18 Carmen made her first dirty joke

But at least the water was half boiled before she did it.

It was calm night and eventually even the squeaking died off to nothing. Breakfast is raisin toast. C is having mushy oatmeal with blueberries. She made me toast and only burnt one side of one piece. That’s a 84% success ratio. Not bad for a beginner. When Leslie got up C made her toast too and I think she finally managed 100%.

I had a shower aboard. The head in the bow is roomy and spacious. Best boat shower so far.

We dock-chatted for a bit and started to prep to take off. The wind is gone so it looks like smooth motoring, at least to start.

R Shack cast off and we followed suit and we headed up the Malaspina Strait finally on our way to Desolation Sound. A bit later R Shack spotted a couple of dolphins and we throttled back to gawk. So far so good.

After a bit C took the wheel and proved, once again, she’s good at everything. Her technique was a bit odd though as she kept standing in her tippy-toes and rubbing her head on the bimini. At one point I heard a muffled laugh and she exclaimed “It’s my hair-caught-in-the-zipper holiday!” I think she was trying to be dirty, but I’m too sheltered to get some of her more outrageous innuendo. {blink-blink}

About an hour and a half in Dave called back and teased me with the hope of wind. The winds have shifted to North-West so if they do pick up it will be a nice close-haul and we can have some fun.

We decided to make up some dough for flatbread before we set sail. Unfortunately for me as soon as we started mixing dough Dave called back and declared the wind more of a figment of his hopeful imagination than anything one could actually sail by. But we made the dough anyway.

It’s started to rain. More mist actually. Weird thing about this boat is that although it has a bimini, the rain seems to find its way to every spot except the helm. Lots of seals today but so far no whales. We are adjusting our expectations laterally and now calling for bears. I think. We have a good chance.

{to be continued}