Day 3: Finnegan, Begin Again

A much better sleep.

Up around 7:30, I grabbed some coffee from the, thankfully, heated water and joined C in the cockpit to drink and enjoy the silence.

45 minutes or so later the sun disappeared and the wind came up so we headed back in. I made some oh so tasty raisin bread toast and she went off to do mysterious non-boy things in her cabin. I finished breakfast and tried the heater while doing some writing but it counter-productively kept blowing cold air. Eventually I read the manual. Huh. Takes up to 20 minutes to heat up. Huh.

Soon enough the Dr was heard stirring and we got ready to start the day. Strawberries and raisin bread toast for her along with her milky tea and the morning was… Wait a minute! C went back to bed! What the hell kind of a morning is this? Like herding cats for the love of Mike…whoever the hell Mike is.

The south arm here at Secret Cove is home to an outport of the RVYC (Royal Vancouver Yacht Club). The boats aren’t as luxurious as you would think. But I guess after paying tens of thousands of dollars a year for the privilege of docking their boat in Vancouver, they haven’t got enough left to buy a truly bodacious boat. Still, I’m not knocking them. At least they have boats.

Dave was saying they have some truly silly rules. Like when he was here buddy boating with some friends who were members, he wasn’t allowed to tie up to the dock. Only if he took his dinghy to their boat and then stepped on to the dock was he considered a ‘guest’ and be made welcome. But I guess if they don’t guard their privileges zealously then they will soon cease to be privileges.

Somewhere around 10:30, Dave called and said they were 20 minutes away so we tackled the anchor weighing. The anchor locker in this boat doesn’t like the chain so it takes time and effort to get going without jamming the windlass. But soon we were motoring our way out of the narrow channel from south arm.

Out in the Malaspina strait we motored along for a while getting our sea legs while R Shack Island raised sails and started criss-crossing the strait. After a while we raised our sails and slotted in behind on a beam reach. We were only going to Pender so it’s not a long day.

As we started motoring we noticed the speed gauge wasn’t working. This was most likely the impeller was fouled with debris so we decided to pull it and clean it off. This involved pulling the thru-hull and quickly shoving a bung through the hole to stop water from coming in. Then clean the impeller and reversing the process. During this process water is pouring through the hole into the bilge. A bit nerve-racking. Carmen, unfortunately, got splurched in the process. Seawater everywhere. Some might say I made her wet. But I wouldn’t. Nope.

After a last minute attempt at wing on wing we finally called it a day and dropped our sails. Leslie motored us into Pender following R Shack and I refreshed C on her bowlines and fenders. Then I took over the helm and we docked (mostly successfully) on the dock of Sunshine Coast Resort marina. Awesome place.

3h32m 14.4nm

All docked up, it was time for lunch and a beer. Unfortunately it seems the milk had taken a header in the fridge and we had a huge, smelly mess to clean up first. Sigh. Then C went for a walk and we chowed down.

After lunch we chatted a bit then hit the dinghy to motor over to Madiera to walk around the townsite. We picked up some more milk, some paper towel and a few J Cloths. Dave and Margaret were there as well and we stopped and chatted. Then we wandered back to the dinghy and headed over to Garden Bay to explore before heading back to the boat.

Back home C set the potatoes to boil and we split a bottle of Creepy Uncle Dunkel. Seriously, what a great name for a beer. We took our glasses over to R Shack and spent an hour or two chatting and drinking. There was some discussion of Princess Louisa Inlet, but it’s a long haul and a multiple-day commitment. We decided on Sturt Bay and the Texada Boat Club for tomorrow.

Back on the Baraka Too we continued our “love” affair with the BBQ before giving up again and frying our fresh salmon filet. Carmen did something magical to the boiled potatoes and it was a great great meal.

We cleaned up and I headed for a shower. Clean and tidy I rejoined the crew and wrote while they talked wine and chicken and stuff.

A great day…