Day 1: Waiting… waiting…

Finally we are outta here. It’s not that I don’t like home, but away is so much more… you know… away.

The usually pacing and wandering until it’s time to load up. Over-packed again but what the hell.

A long line at security. Longest I’ve ever seen at yeg. Went fast though. And we boarded promptly. I watched Last Vegas for most of the flight. Mildly humorous but it made me feel damn old. C sat alone one row up and one row over. Or should I say she sat with a stranger. After about 15 minutes of pleasant inane chit chat it turned out the stranger was Mr Zappic… Mr. Zippocol… Mr. Zippeezipperson… Her next door neighbour from the cow field across the fence in Redwater.

Small small world.

Got a note from Dave & Margaret. They are hanging off a mooring buoy off of Newcastle Island. We will meet up tonight after we are settled.

We are going to have a snack/lunch at the airport before heading to the seaplane terminal. We have a couple of hours to burn. C bought a book as a treat for herself while L and I chilled and tried to look cool. I think we succeeded. Mostly.

A quick taxi ride and another wait and eventually we met Ryan, our pilot for the short hop to Nanaimo. I was initially disappointed because it looked like we were flying in a Cessna, but it turns out it was actually a Turbo Beaver. These are Beavers that have undergone a conversion to add a more powerful turbo engine and some airframe modifications to make them longer and fit in one more row of seats.

Flying over the channel the weather looks good so hopefully we will get some sailing in. It’s a short flight of barely more than 15 minutes but it sure is convenient.

So we were met at the Seair dock, driven the short distance to the marina and hopped on our boat: the Baraka Too. I headed up to do paperwork and grab charts and then Ian came down to walk us through the boat. Eventually we were as set as we ever were going to be and we headed for the courtesy car and groceries.

We picked up supplies at the Save On and some liquor and motored back down to the docks. Meanwhile R Shack texted that the mooring buoys were full up. Rather than fussing with anchoring in the busy bay, we decided to stay at the marina for the night and dinghy over to the dock.

Eventually all the ducks were in a row aboard, or as in a row as we were gonna manage and we piled into the dinghy and set off. This dinghy was everything that Stupid Dinghy wasn’t: stable, roomy, and easy to get the outboard on. It won’t row worth a crap but at least we won’t fear for our lives (or at least our sanity) every time we board.

Dave and Margaret were already at the Dinghy Dock Pub and we settled in for some beer. C and I had Dunkel on tap–how great is that? Halibut and chips was the special so we all ordered that except for L, who opted for chowder. Then it turned out they were out of halibut 🙁 Most switched to cod, but I bailed and had a steak sandwich.

After a bit of discussion we settled on Desolation Sound as our destination and then visited while we ate. Dinghy Dock Pub is literally a pub on a dinghy dock so we watched the boats float by, stared at the sun setting over the Island and listened to overly loud music.

It was a late start so the sun was well on its way down when I pulled the plug and said it was time to go. Dave had a handy-dandy red/green flashlight with an extra white for a stern light that he lent us for the motor home so we were legal as we made our way down the channel to the marina.

Back on board we unpacked a bit more, tried to settle in and hit the hay.

Tomorrow we start!