Day Four: Wet and Dry

A calm night. I attribute that to the two games of crib I slaughtered Leslie at last night. A fitting offering to the weather gods. Unfortunately the bragging irritated the sun gods and it started raining early in the wee hours.

I was up around 7 and had my usual breakfast of coffee and bars. Leslie followed soon after and we made a plan. The plan was I would stand, cold and miserable, at the exposed helm piloting our craft through the dreary mist while princess Dr. Leslie remained inside the warm cabin until the water was heated so she could have a hot shower. Of course we didn’t phrase it that way…

Anywho I cast off around 8 and we headed around the back of Keats Island, too late to catch the tide that would have allowed us to use Shoal Channel. It added about and hour to the day but what the heck. A few minutes later I popped down to get the rest of my rain gear.

As soon as we hit the Strait the wind picked up a bit and the swells were 3-4 feet. Surprisingly it wasn’t at all bad except for Leslie down below trying to clean up and get ready for the day. The rain, mist and swells lasted almost to Sechelt but then everything slowly calmed and brightened. By the time we had hit Halfmoon Bay it was a halfways decent day and by the time we hit Secret Cove it was downright fine. We were straight into the wind so we had decided to motor the whole way as a resultĀ it was no work at all.

Coming up on Welcome Pass we passed two barges towing big long booms and heading straight toward us, one on either side. No big deal in the end, but not really the kind of thing you want to see headed your way just as you hit the first narrow bits of your passage. Leslie phoned ahead to Secret Cove to let them know we were coming and we enjoyed the calm water for a bit.

Emerging from the pass we hung a right (adjusted course to starboard) and snuck into Smugglers Cove for a look-see. It was still close to low tide so all the rocks were showing (which is a good thing) and we slowly motored in the narrow, narrow entrance and did a turn around the twisty passages. Not the kind of place I would like to anchor and definitely not the kind of place I would like to anchor if it was at all busy. Beautiful though.

It was a short jaunt across the bay to the entrance to Secret Cove so we got out the lines and fenders. Another narrow entrance bifurcated by a big rock. Slowly we crept in and L and I rigged for our first dock. I hailed the marina on 66A and we headed into Charlie dock.

4h26m 29.2nm

An empty marina makes for some pretty impressive docking. And we tied up without a hitch. Power hooked up, we headed into pay: $61/ night including power! Works out to $1.50/ft and $8 for the hookup. We shopped the great little store, picked up some wine and settled in for some hotdogs for lunch.

After lunch it was down time. A bit of writing, some sitting and maybe a nap or two. And I decided to hit the showers…








After everyone was up and at ’em again it was time to snoop at the Broughtons charts. They are big. And bulky. And big.

Time for supper and the damn fridge froze my chicken thighs. I popped them in the oven on random (bloody gas ovens) to defrost and whipped up a tomato salad. 6 million hours later the thighs were soft-ish and I fired up the BBQ.

I have to say, if there is anything in the universe that I am more grateful for than learning about meat from Carmen, well I just don’t know what it could possible be. Salt and meat. Sigh. Thanks, Carmen.

Anyway, I crisped the skins and flipped then over on the grill. Unfortunately, C never told me what to do if I couldn’t get indirect heat and the BBQ wouldn’t go any lower. After a panic and some swearing at the lack of a personal chef, I pulled the thighs and popped them back into the oven at indeterminate-low for 15 minutes. Delish.

Some wine, a walk in the fading light and L does the dishes on command, LOL. Then it will be time for game night and a continuation of my newfound ascendancy.

I tweeted our location earlier and it turns out R Shack Island is anchored nearby. She’s a 34-ft Tartan that will be joining the flotilla on Saturday. Seems they are taking advantage of the week before just like us. Maybe we will even meet them before the big meet-up at 5pm Saturday…