Day Three: Rattle and Hum

Well last night Leslie cleaned my clock at Yahtzee: 5 games to 1. I feel good about that, I do; very Zen… dammit.

I tightened up the spinnaker halyard because it was banging against the mast in the gusts of wind. Very proactive I smugly told myself. And we crawled into bed to read and sleep the sleep of the dead. Or so I thought.

So the wind came up and things started moving. Almost immediately I got up and moved the dinghy ahead away from our cabin in the stern. I had noticed it’s slurping and banging noises earlier but underestimated how loud they would be. Back to bed. I fell asleep and around 2 I woke up to go out and tighten the main halyard to stop the incessant banging. Back to bed.. Sometime later I reached up and found an old mag light in the crevice above my head that would sharply bang on big gusts. Thankfully I could do this from bed. Around 5:30 I got up and pulled out the folding wing on the table which would rhythmically bang after each gust rocked the boat. Back to bed. After that I tried, semi-successfully, to sleep with a pillow over my head and finally crawled out of bed around 8:30.

Good morning!

I had a French Vanilla instant Nescafe (cause that’s all the store had in a small jar… Mmmmm) and a couple of granola bars to kickstart my brain. L rose and shone a little while later and had a shower with the remnants of yesterday’s hot water. We listened to the weather, looked over charts and talked options before mostly deciding to stay for the day in hopes that tomorrow’s forecast for calm was true.

I manually pumped out the bilge and then called Coopers just in case. We have a fresh water leak somewhere so we will likely have to keep pumping throughout the trip.

Eventually we decided to pack up a lunch and dinghy over to the dock. Ham sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies and some water out of the wind and we were sated. Meandering through Plumper Cove Marine Park we oohed at the trees and awed at the ferns before settling down on the rock and seashell beach to enjoy the sun.

I can tell that I am still pretty tense because as I was munching on my apple — yes, I ate an apple — a swallowtail flew in front of me and almost gave me a heart attack. So apparently I am terrified of butterflies or still pretty wound up. It was pretty though.

We chatted with a fellow seaman about the conditions and asked if the dock might provide a quieter night. He said to stay on the buoy as the dock wasn’t any more shelter and would just give us something to bang off of.

Eventually the lethargy threaten to take root so we brushed the shells from our asses and hopped back in the dinghy. Back at the boat we mounted the outboard for practice and took a cruise around the cove. Tiny, tiny dinghy…not going to be doing any major trips in this puppy.

Back on board it was knots and beer and some more baking in the sun as the Shearwater continues to spin and swing in the wind.

Eventually 6 o’clock rolled around and it was time for dinner. I seared my $23 hunks of fresh salmon and popped them in the oven since it still felt too windy for the BBQ. I failed to ruin it. A quick salad of baby romaine and some cucumbers and it was time to eat. Since Constantine the Great’s foot double wasn’t around we only finished a half a bottle of Rioja.

Dishes, clean up and I started the engine for some hot water. The friendly neighbourhood park warden rowed by for his daily tithe a little after 7. He’d delayed the trip until the wind went down. Did I mention it is finally calming down?

A quick shower and now it’s time to crush Leslie at crib to try and regain some honour after last night’s walloping.