Day Two: Ahoy


Morning brought coffee, a quick breakfast and showers at the marina. We hoisted the sails and went through the system, then headed off for some groceries at the Granville Market as well as a six pack of beer for Bruce. We head back to town and the No Thrills, but stopped a convenience type store and found all of our remaining supplies without having to hoof it up the hill.

A safety video, a few knot reviews and we fired up the engine and cast off about 1pm. I forgot to start the gps so the track below begins in the beginning of English Bay. I guided the boat out from the docks behind Granville Island and handed the helm to L where she stayed the rest of the day.

We motored about amongst all the traffic and head on a course of 275° for Point Atkinson. The winds were 4-7 knots and we mulled turning into Haro Sound and ducking behind Bowen Island, but as we came out into the strait proper it all looked good so we carried on.

About half an hour later we decided to hoist sail so L turned into the wind and raised the sails about 2:30. The winds varied from 6-11 knots the rest of the trip and we sailed on mostly a beam reach for a little over an hour. When we turned into the pass to bring us around Keats Island and the wind was almost perfectly astern. A few minutes later we spied a tug with several barges in the channel and decided not to risk it. Down came the sails and then the roller furler got caught up in the dingy which was still on deck. Eventually Bruce got it sorted and we turned back up the channel with the motor putting away around 3:40.

Somewhere around 4:03 we spotted a tug towing a huge log boom at a snails pace. It was covered in seals so that couldn’t of helped speed-wise. There was a sprinkle of rain between Bowen Island and Keats Island and we curved around the back side until Plumpers Cove appeared off the port bow.

I demoed a mooring ball approach and Leslie took over while I rigged the lines. A few minutes later we had officially arrived at Plumpers Cove around 5 pm.

3h13m 16.6nm (approx)

After tidying up and hauling the dinghy into the water we cracked a celebratory cider. After some relaxation we fried up some dogs and ate like kings. I rowed to the dock for a look see and L cleaned up. The dingy need some air so I pumped it up whilst waiting for the park warden to come collect the fees: $12/ night.

A bit of writing and that was that.




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  1. Sounds like fun so far. We are doing fine with just the usual minor snags. On the ship now-secondday. Tomorrow we do Skagway and a train trip up the mountain on the old gold rush trail. Later. Have fun. Love. Mom

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