Day One

I don’t know if its nerves, recent events or just plain stomach flu but this morning’s wait for departure time has had me churning since I got up. Blah. The cats definitely know something’s up: Artemis has been a bigger pest than normal. But everything’s packed and ready to go and we are off about 11:30.

Drive to airport, catch the Westjet Flight 177 to YVR and the adventure was begun. One hour and 13 minutes later we landed and grabbed our bags. We then grabbed a cab to Granville Island, eschewing the Canada Line due to L’s delicate mobility and my not wanting to carry a ton of bags from train to bus to island.

At the Cooper Boating office the friendly people took my credit card and we headed down to the Shearwater. This Bavaria is a 2006 and smaller by a bunch than any of our previous boats. Except for the wheel. The wheel is massive. Huge.

Sam came down and walked us through the boat and then fiddled with the windlass remote as it didn’t seem to work. We headed off to No Thrills to try and get some provisions. We had to walk so we took it pretty easy. Tomorrow we will check out the market and maybe walk back up.

I snagged a few ciders and we had dinner on the island at one of the many pubs and then settled in for the night. Tired…



Three otters put in an appearance across the dock to say goodnight. Goodnight.