The Fleet

As June approaches, we now have word of who will be joining us in the flotilla to the Broughtons. There is a mix of power and sail, big and small, as well as charter and private. It will be interesting to see the demographics of who makes up the crews. The list provided included some couples as well as simply stating ‘and family.’ Leslie and I are still hoping not to be the most novice boat in the fleet but so far we just can’t tell.

Charter Boats
Corus — Bavaria 50’ sail (Lead boat with 5 paying crew)
Arcturus — Bavaria 32’ sail
Electra — Nordic Tug 42’ power
Simply Irresistible — Beneteau 42′ sail
Mariner’s Compass — Westcoast CB45 46′ power
Raven Magic — Grand Banks 42’ power
Shearwater — Bavaria 33’ sail (our boat)

Private Boats
Intrepid 4 — Sceptre 43’ sail
Ocean Grace — 30’ sail
R Shack Island — (I think this is a Tartan 3400) 34’ sail

There are in the neighbourhood of 25-30 people scattered among the 10 boats. and we will be getting together fairly regularly. I guess I will have to shelve my anti-socialness for the nonce. Supplied Meal Summary: 14 breakfasts, 14 days of snacks and lunches, a couple of Happy Hour Appies, 5 Pot Luck Dinners, 4 Eat Ashore at a Bistro dinners, 5 Dinners aboard.