Add One More Week

Well it has been decided to add another week onto our Broughton’s sailing trip (see previous post in this category). Cooper Boating had previously offered to let us take the boat a day earlier from Vancouver since the Shearwater was based out of there and they would have to ferry it up to Powell River anyway. We decided against as it would have been a long (10 hr+) day and there was no guaranteeing the conditions in the Strait. I would have hated to miss the flotilla if we decided to wait out bad conditions. Anyway, after talking it over we decided it would be nice to have the boat for a few days prior to joining all the others so we decided to add a week on the front of the charter.

We will now pick up the Shearwater from Granville Island on the 7th and take a week to make our way up the Sunshine coast to Powell River. Day one will likely be 20 nm or so to Gibsons or Plumper Cover on Keats Island. Then it’s a longish 20 nm in fairly open water up the Georgia Strait to Secret Cove or Buccaneer’s Bay. There really is no place to stop along this leg so hopefully the weather will cooperate. From there we could head to Egmont or Pender Harbour. If we are feeling confident we might head up to Princess Louisa Inlet, but I think it’s more likely we will plunk around Welcome passage until it’s time to do one final 20 nm run to Westview (Powell River) to join the rest of the flotilla on the 14th.

Then it’s another 14 days onboard and through the Broughtons before we get off the boat in Powell River on the 29th. After that, who knows? Maybe we will hop back on another boat and keep going…


Apparently there are lots of dolphin and killer whale encounters in the Archipelago so we have our fingers crossed.