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Trials of being an incompetent geek

As you can see I installed Blojsom on the server and am now hosting my own blog. Currently running a Ruby g3 iMac with OS x Server 10.3.9 and hosting this website, some mysql stuff and now the blog.

Installing the Blojsom was as easy as they say on one had and weird on the other. You are supposed to download the WAR file and install it in the Tomcat director and voila.

Easy you say, and it is if that’s all there was to it. To start with the download kept giving me a .jar file which was new to me. Fix: download on the PC and then move the WAR file over to Ruby.

Next you had to know to go to the Server admin and fire up Tomcat via Application Server. Then a bit of research revealed that the URL for OS x has a different port so was in fact Why? I have no idea.

The my internal dns was screwy and I couldn’t connect using the dynamic domain ( but could with IP or the internal domain. This I tracked to the fact that port 9006 was blocked at the firewall and and the requests for macblaze were going out and then trying to get back in. I opened the port and that fixed that.

But why did I have to state a port it the url at all? No one else did. A bit of research revealed that tomcat was a standalone app and need to have request directed to it (sort of like php or asp). I activated the jkmodule ( which is apparently the apache tomcat interface but that did no good. a brief search turned up an article on with instructions on OD deployment using Blojsom on OS X Server Tiger seemed good enough for me. Here are the relevant bits:

Open up Server Admin for your server, and in the Web service, go to the Modules tab. Enable the jk_moduleâ€ï¿½ module.

edit the file: /etc/httpd/httpd.conf and change the section:

JKWorkersFile /etc/httpd/ JKLogFile /var/log/httpd/mod_jk.log JKLogLevel error JKMount /.jsp JBoss1 JKMount /servlet/ JBoss1 JKMount /examples/* JBoss1


JKWorkersFile /etc/httpd/ JKLogFile /var/log/httpd/mod_jk.log JKLogLevel error JKMount /.jsp JBoss1 JKMount /servlet/ JBoss1 JKMount /examples/* JBoss1 JKMount /blojsom/* blojsomworker

edit the file: /etc/httpd/ and make the following changes: Change the line: worker.list=JBoss1, JBoss2, loadbalancer

to worker.list=JBoss1, JBoss2, loadbalancer, blojsomworker

and after the line:
worker.loadbalancer.balanced_workers=JBoss1, JBoss2



Blojsom worker




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