All New & Super Speedy

Ok. As of noon, I seem to be on the new host ( and everything seems to running as well as can be expected.

I don’t have my actual files uploaded yet as the ftp and webdisk seem to be super slow at uploads. I will work on it. All this means is for now there are no images that I haven’t uploaded by hand.

Let me know if things seem speedier to you’all… Or not.


  • I downloaded (via ftp) the entire contents of my wp-content folder to my desktop from GoDaddy’s server.
  • I exported the mysql database via phpMyadmin, also to my desktop.
  •  I did a clean install of WordPress on Stablehost.
  • I attempted to import the mysql backup on Stablehost via phpmyadmin but it kept kicking up xxx table already exists errors. eventually I deleted all the tables from the new database and tried again. THis time it imported the tables and data with no problem.
  • I headed over to GoDaddy and  pointed the domain to Stablehost’s nameservers and about 20 –30 minutes later the redirect took affect and I was now going tot eh new server.

The issue at this point was that while I was being directed to the new server (tested by uploading a new index.html page), it wasn’t picking up the default wordpress pages and nothing was being displayed. I screwed around for about 2 hours and then suddenly it started working. I am not sure if I fixed it or there was just some cache that needed to be flushed or what.

  • To get it up and running I uploaded my theme to the host and then we were cooking with bacon.
  • Next up, I need to figure out how to get nearly 1 gig of old files uploaded  because the 40 meg I have tried so far has taken almost 2 hours. (Turns out you need to use the file manager in cpanel. Bulk upload zipped files and extract them once they are uploaded. Speedy-speedy.)
  • I also need to  redirect my email and we should be good to go. (Done like dinner)