Day Eight: Definitely not Toulouse

Morning was early again. I had a quick breakfast whilst waiting for the slugabeds. The taxi delivered us to gate C, car 4, seats 25 through 28 and we were off to Toulouse and on to Montaubon.

Montaubon also had no taxis so we decided to hoof it to the capitanerie. We made it without getting lost, but it was hot. The lovely lady at LeBoat offered us a ride to the grocers. After shopping up a storm she even came and picked them up. We stopped for a drink and some interesting salads (cheese, duck, prosciutto, etc,) before walking down to the 12 century bridge and back to the harbour.

While researching this part of the trip the temperatures were consistently mid-20s. Looks like while we are here they are going to be high 20s and low 30s.

I had gotten notice there was problem with our Asteria so we had been upgraded to a Marengo All this really means is Zak gets his own bedroom.

After being checked out on our boat we rode to the first of nine automatic locks, operated by remote controls. Everyone took a turn at driving, while Carmen negotiated a couple of the locks. A couple of hours brought us to Montech, docking and dinner by Carmen. The fridge isn’t working so well and we don’t have enough cold drinks but we’ll manage, after all it’s France!

Dinner was good although there was an issue with a certain girl and the inability to boil water… Just sayin’… Now it’s sitting on the deck time with some warm Malbec rose, the cooling evening air and some Fluxx.