Day Three: Barcelona

This morning we awoke, after a not unreasonably fitful night, just outside of Girona. A quick shower and it was off for breakfast. Eggs, cafe au lait, pain de chocolat, fruit and juice got us started. C elected to stay in bed until the last minute (literally we were pulling into the station). She’d showered and changed earlier, so I guess it’s forgivable.

At 8:30 we were in a cab and dropping off what few bags we had at the Hotel Regina. The concierge recommended the tour buses so we splurged and were touring by 9. First stop was a view of the harbour and Mediterranean and then off to Sagrada Familia.

I haven’t taken many pics with the phone so you’ll have to wait but: oh my. Given that we’re not much into touristy things we thought a bit at the sight of the line but eventually decides to go in. Line was actually pretty fast.

I’ve stood in awe of finished cathedrals, but the sight of an unfinished one was simply stunning. To be able to be part of such a project…

We found a 2nd elevator at the back of the building (the first had a 45 minute line) and the line was empty so we rode up one of the towers. A simply awesome way to connect more intimately with Gaudi’s design.

Then it was back to the bus and off to Parc Guell. I’d seen the tiled seats many times but I had no idea about their context. It was simply stunning to see Gaudi’s principles in that setting.

Back on the bus again and we were off to Casa Batilo. Again 16 euros was kind of disenchanting, but it was on Zak’s list so we went on in. Again stunning is too small a word. I would love to have a house that had such principles. I’ll probably write more as I add pictures.

Then it was a walk back to our hotel, which is very very nice, and sadly informed we still had no luggage. The website says it’s in transit so …

A shower and a nap brings us to now and it’s likely time for a late dinner on the Ramblas.


Dinner was tapas and sangria. Not bad. We arrived back at the hotel to find a note saying our luggage was in Barcelona but they don’t deliver. It’s frustrating enough without being able to phone someone up and get the damn stuff delivered. Looks like an early A.M. taxi ride so we can get going soon enough to make it to Monserrat.