Day Two: Paris

@ Well we arrived. Our luggage didn’t. After form filling out and information gathering, we board the Air France bus for Gare de Lyon. Hopefully our luggage will meet us in Spain.

@ we’ve picked up our tickets to Spain (and our Marmande to Bordeaux tickets) at the Gare de Austerlitz, and now it’s just wandering around time. We got some crepes at Carm’s favorite place on Isle St Louis and walked down to Notre Dame: damn crowded that place is. Lots of rest breaks to help our tired bodies. All this ends with a nap on the grass of the Left Bank.

@ After a leisurely walk back to the train station we had quick drink and discovered that the bathrooms were all for pay. 40 cents. Leslie’s patience started to wear thin.

But soon we boarded and discovered our first class goodies. There was an awesome shaving/bathroom kit with all sorts of nice smelling stuff. I recommend this trip on Eliposos Trenhotel to anyone. I will be adding images from the camera after we get home. First they show you to your cabin and you unpack (not much if you have no luggage). They took one of our passports to show at the border crossing (at 5 in the morning). We had two rooms with showers and bunk beds. Then you head to the dining car where you’d are suddenly speaking Spanish, even though you haven’t left Paris Austerlitz Station. As Zak and I waited we were served a glass of cava and some bread. After L & C arrived we had a great 3 course meal with a bottle of Spanish red and brandy and coffee to finish, all included in the ticket price.

The food wasn’t exactly gourmet but beat the hell out of plane food.

By this time, Zak isn’t able to remain upright and we call it a night. Our beds are made up by the time we get back and it’s a quick shower and off to bed. I mentioned the goodies: this included the shower of course, free bath kit with shampoo, toothbrushes, etc and even bath slippers.

Simply awesome.