7:13 It’s Relative



There she was: our new home for the next 6 days. The Ocean Pearl is a Byliner 3888 with twin 175 HP Hino diesels, a LOA of 42 feet and a beam of 13.5 ft. By the numbers she isn’t much bigger than the Sante but man oh man she looks huge.

First things first we shower up and start packing. Around 9:30 we start moving our gear over and are just amazed and the differences between the two boats. Its like going from a high tech tent trailer to one of those monster busses: everything is just bigger and splashier.


L’s parents show up arond 11 to pick us up and we end up heading to BP’s for breakfast/early lunch. I looks like we have lots of time so we end up deciding to head down to Chemainus for a bit of a walkabout. I’d only ever been there on the rainy night of my birthday so it was nice to see in the daylight.


Afterwards we piled back into the van and headed to Coombs. Leslie’s maternal family mostly ended up on the island so every year they get together for golf/mini golf and a barbeque, this year it was at Len’s place. Really nice people. We got there a bit late but it was all good. I was really a bit stuffed after eating again though: maybe that will save me some money on the rest of the trip?



We also found out that Leslie’s parents had bought an old 70s era trailer and were fixing it up for Stephen. He should be moving in soon. It sounded a awful lot like the place Doug got. Coincidence?

Back in the van we headed to Nanaimo. We said our good byes and walked down the wharf to the new boat. C wasn’t in attendance so we decided to go see if we could find her at the restaurant or pub. Walking up the dock I could see her bun across the water and told Leslie she was eating onthe patio of the Beefeater. She was just enjoying a cafe Latte through a straw when we walked up. She’d just finished a magnificent bowl of bouillabaisse and soon talked Leslie into trying it. I settled for a glass of Pinot blanc.

It was still early enough so we loaded up the car and headed for some groceries! By the time we got back were were  supplied for a week long orgy of booze and meat; it was awesome. Anyway, we stowed the supplies and hit the sack as Ian was coming in the morning to give us the official boat tour.