7:12 Rock a roo

Well it was a stormy night. Herring Bay doesnt offer much protection from the north or west and i guess thats where the wind decided to come from. Our anchor held, although I suspect it dragged a bit; Tim said not but I remain suspicious. Anyway it gave C a taste of what we went through in April. We raised anchor, noting that the anchor capstan still wanted to chew up the rope: something to make sure Nanaimo Yacht Charters is aware of otherwise they will go through another rode pretty quickly.

Into Stuart Channel again we amused ourselves doing MOB drills and basically going around in circles slowly getting further and further away from our ultimate destination of Dodd Narrows. We need to wait for slack anyway so it was a good time to get a good handle on the two under sail MOB techniques. I think we finally did. At least Tim stopped saying things like “That’s interesting” which is Tim-speak for “Wow, I never though anyone would do anything so crazy.”



We fought our way back north and eventually furled the jib so we could make the run into Dodd Narrows under power. Its a pretty congest time with tons of motorboats zooming in or out of the narrows leading up to slack and a more stately parade of sailboats and barges trying to hit it right on. It is the place where you find a lot of arrogance and rudeness though, as people who ought to know better fail to respect the gravity of the situation with their big ol’ powerboats. Anyway no big excitement.


As soon as we exited the wind freshened up and we unrolled the jib and started to tack our way up Northumberland Channel. We passed one of the RCN’s Orca class boats heading for the Narrows; that would have been something bit nerve wracking to meet coming at you in the narrow channel. But I guess he has power to spare so can make the run quite a bit after slack. We finally turned into Nanaimo Harbour and it looked like we could have sailed her right in to the marina if we wanted to.




We dropped the sails just before we squeezed into the channel between Nanaimo and Newcastle Island and motored off to the gas dock. Docking was good and we filled up the tank with a mighty $46 of diesel. Compared to the $550  that At Last chewed through on our last outing with Tim, I am going to say that sail is the way to go. We cast off and I backed the Sante into her slip for a last time. We had the option of heading out again after we dropped Tim off but everyone was pretty tired and overwhelmed and we decided to take the night off. Tomorrow was going to be busy enough as it was.


We said our thanks to Tim and bid him adieu. He was off to a fishing trip in Port Renfrew and had a bit of a drive ahead of him.

We cleaned up and headed to the pub for dinner and a cold beer. There was a DJ setting up for a music trivia night but we were fading fast and decided to head back to the boat for some well earned rest. Tomorrow L and I are off to her Families annual reunion in Coombs and C is switching boats.


Tomorrow’s ride

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