7:11 YOLO Solo

Morning. I took a row around the marina in the dingy for fun. Others indulged in showers. Then we finished up breakfast and cast off


Once out in Maple Bay it was calm so C practiced her MOB under power. Like us the biggest issue was doing the math on the fly. But we got it done and then raised the sail so we could head north. We sailed close haul to the  Trincomali Channel and had lunch on the go.



After eating, while L and C were still below, Tim talked me into doing some solo figure 8s. So all by my self I brought the boat into each point of sail swung through a tack and a gybe  and got back on something resembling our original course. After a few tries it actually seemed kind of easy and natural. I was starting to get this sailing thing. I could even look up at the sails and trim them  so so just by  doing what seemed to be right. When L came up we talked her into try the figure 8s and she managed a pretty good job too.



After that it was a broad reach Northwest back to the west side of Ruxton. We pulled into Herring Bay and set the anchor. Leslie and I decided to take the dingy across to Pirates Cove Marine park on De Courcy, so we hopped in and roared off. About 3 minutes the later the outboard coughed and died. Sigh, so much for roaring. I unshipped the oars and rowed to a nearby islet so we could putz around there. The sandstone in the Gulf Islands is generally eroded by wind and water and makes awesome shapes and weird formations. I picked up a few shells for C since she was stuck on the boat and we wandered carefully around the shore. Eventually we piled back into the dingy and I rowed back to the boat.

Supper was French toast, with a sprinkle of France. C always adds pepper to her French toast batter and I had brought our shaker of white pepper from France for this express purpose. Supper over we cleaned up a bit and watched the sun go down on a great day.


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