7:10 Heeled over and loving it

We woke up at Clam Bay, so I guess that means our anchor held; which is a miracle considering the looks of the rode when we pulled it up. The day before we had noticed the rope rode would catch on  a piece of the capstan, making it hard to pull up the line. we also noticed it had caused some fraying in the rope part of the rode, about  a foot or so below where it was joined to the chain. Well when we pulled it up this morning one of the three main strands of the rope was just about chewed through. No more anchoring on that rode, that was for sure.

Tim had been threatening us with breakfast crepes and sincere had brought some flour down from the house we took him up on it. It was a mixed bag of crepes with some people opting for jam,others sticking with syrup or just sugar. I think there may even have been some pepper sprinkled here and there. But they were pretty damn good thats for sure.


After we weight anchor, Leslie sailed us around the bottom of  Thetis towards Chemainus as we need to buy some groceries.It was two pretty straight tacks there so all in all some easy sailing. we radioed ahead to see if there was berth space. Turns out Harmen was away but the guy on the radio figured we could tie up on the outside long enough to get some supplies. North 49 grocers is just up the hill from the public docks. We tied up in virtually the same spot as last time we were here and hopped ashore to go find some supplies.




While we were away, Tim stayed behind to move the boat incase the real owners of our spot arrived. While he waited he dragged the stern anchor rode out and switched it with the bow anchor rode. The stern line looked like it had never been used so we would be good to go again. When we got back we decided to whip up a quick lunch before we cast of again. A bout mid way into my 2nd bite, Harmen told us the rightful owners had arrived and it was time for us to go. So we went.


Sails up as soon as we cleared the harbour we headed south. We were thinking Maple Bay or Cowichan Bay. A couple of really long tacks and some more screwing around doing some 360s and we were at the head of Sansum Narrows. Now I would have figured based on my limited sailing knowledge and the charts that no one would sail through the nannies. After all they were, ummm, narrow. Well I would have been wrong. we sailed right in and the winds had us heeled over like we were sailing on our side. Now earlier we had thrown in the second reef to see what it would do to our performance and now I was glad. We tacked back and forth pretty rapidly in some severe (at least to me) gusts, coming as close to the shore as I had the guts for and then  coming about. After about what seemed like 50 harrowing tacks (but the chart plotter says was only 4) we emerged into Maple Bay pointed almost straight at Birds Eye Cove where the marina was. It was pretty good close haul and I thought I would make the cove without further tacks but finally had to give up on that idea or go into irons. One more tack and we were into the cove and looking for our reserved slip.



I managed to back her in fairly well although I missed the dock by a few feet and had to use the mooring line to power our way parallel to the dock. After that we tied up and paid up and we were free to  start drinking. We were also a bit short of beer so I headed up to the showers and on the way back pulled a 6-pack from off sales at the pub. A really really friendly bartender shared a sample with me since I could decide on which unfamiliar ale to try. Great service!

Back at the boat C was BBQing a pork loin complete with homemade sauce. Man are we eating good this trip.  We washed it down with some wine, had a few more glasses and then called it a night & bed


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