Well she’s dragged me off to music again. This time it’s Brandi Carlile at the Winspear. I thought I swore never to come see music at the Winspear again after the Los Lobos debacle. Yet here I am.

Still, how bad could an alt Country singer in a formal venue be? I’m sure people will at least nod their heads…

Act I
Scott somebody or other. What can I say: the people beside us bailed and went to drink in the lobby and I wanted to go with them. Leslie wouldn’t let me. Let me sum up by saying there was some nodding… Into sleep.

Act II
Brandi came on with two backup guitar to much hooting and hollering. There’s a grand piano too so I guess we will see


She got everyone a little grooving. Enthusiastic crowd.

And she sure knows her audience: great performer. Too bad I don’t actually know any of the songs 🙁