Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-03

  • Soon the week begins again. Let’s all aproach it as adults. Or at least as teenagers on good behaviour. #
  • One source moves away, one source moves closer. Who says the universe doesn’t balance itself? #
  • Shake up the staff and let the roll of the dice decide… Oughtta be fun. #
  • I’m not old. Otherwise everyone else is in for it. #
  • Job descriptions: really, what positive effect can a document destined to limit creativity have? #
  • Why people quit. The reasons seem to be legion. I am starting to have an appreciation to HR. #
  • Playing an flv file in a loop using html seems to me impossible. Help? #
  • Http:// Mother’s Day #
  • Mother’s Day. Just how do tiny urls work? #
  • By george I think I’ve got it! #
  • Finally some gardening weather. Of course now I’m tending towards lazy… #
  • Learning Twitter: easy? No. But still we go forward. #
  • Rocks are expensive. Just saying. #

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